BABYMONSTER’s Pharita Caught “Checking Out” TXT’s Yeonjun, Netizens React

BABYMONSTER’s Pharita Caught “Checking Out” TXT’s Yeonjun, Netizens React

Netizens have come to BABYMONSTER Pharita‘s defense after a video of her supposedly checking out TXT’s Yeonjun went viral.

BABYMONSTER’s Pharita | YG Entertainment TXT’s Yeonjun | SBS

BABYMONSTER recently returned with their newest track, “Sheesh” and have since been promoting it on music shows. Netizens have had diverse reactions to the track, but the group recently impressed some with their live skills.

On the April 11 edition of M! Countdown, TXT and BABYMONSTER were some of the groups in attendance. TXT was nominated for first place, which they won against ILLIT.

| Mnet

Like most music shows, TXT performed their live encore after their acceptance speech. Early in the encore, while other groups were still exiting the stage, Pharita was spotted looking at Yeonjun as he walked by, with some saying she was “checking” the male idol out.

eu te entendo pharita, se eu visse o yeonjun na minha frente teria a mesma reação.. kkkkkk

— nabico (@soobfine) April 11, 2024

The moment has since gone viral on multiple platforms, including TikTok and X.


pharita : (pharita so cuteee ) #yeonjun

♬ Deja Vu (Anemoia Remix) – TOMORROW X TOGETHER

In the past, interactions like these would have launched dating rumors that led to criticism from netizens, leading male and female idols to be cautious of even the smallest interactions. For example, THE BOYZ‘s Q and aespa‘s Giselle went viral for the hilarious way they avoided running into each other at an award show.

Aespa’s Giselle And THE BOYZ’s Q Go Viral For An Accidental Interaction At The “2022 KBS K-Pop Festival”

However, rather than being met with mostly criticism, netizens were widely amused by the moment. Many netizens defended the idol from the small minority by saying that they related and would have acted the same way upon seeing Yeonjun.

Others reminded that Pharita is likely a fan and reacted in awe rather than with any other implications.

mfs nasty on here like why are we shaming teenagers for doing something as normal as LOOKING??

— jay (@tensorfied_) April 12, 2024

Leave my girl alone she’s just a fangirl like all of us

— A ❀ (@angxlisa_) April 12, 2024


— ⟬⟭ Naomi⁷ ⟭⟬‧₊✜˚⁵ is seeing TXT!!! (@NaomiBeezus) April 12, 2024


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