BABYMONSTER Ahyeon Gives A Shout Out To Fansite For Taking her Photos

BABYMONSTER Ahyeon Gives A Shout Out To Fansite For Taking her Photos

BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon, known for her frequent interaction on Weverse, has again touched the hearts of fans! Recently, Ahyeon, who celebrated her birthday on April 11, received many messages from fans. One fansite master, in particular, could not believe they received a shoutout from Ahyeon!

| Weverse

Also! I also want to thank fansite master for taking pretty pictures of me. I was so busy today that I wasn’t able to take many pictures, but thanks to you, I was able to add pretty photos to my photo album. I will cherish them well.


Below are the photos the fansite master ( @starry411_) took of Ahyeon to celebrate her birthday.


생일 축하해#AHYEON #아현 #BABYMONSTER #베이비몬스터

— (@Starry411_) April 11, 2024

After seeing Ahyeon’s shoutout to the fanpage, the account owner also responded with emojis, revealing just how shocked they were.

— (@Starry411_) April 11, 2024

Netizens agreed that this was the charm of a rookie idol!

Netizen comments | theqoo “She really has that pureness that hasn’t been tainted.” “So cute…this is the taste of a rookie.” “Ah so cute.” “Looking at her other comments, she was even touched there were fan cams of her. It’s so cute that she is so sweet to her fans, knowing just how much she wanted to become an idol.” “Such a baby!” “She comes on Weverse after her schedule and thanks everyone that helped her that day. So rookie-like and cute.” “Ah such a cutie.” “She is really a baby. So cute.”

If you look at other comments she wrote online, you can see just how sweet and caring she is to her fans!

| Weverse

Fan: Ahyeon, just tell me this! What time are you going to sleep today? I want to sleep at the same time as you! Let’s meet later in my dreams!

Ahyeon: It’s currently 1:57 in Korea. I’m going to sleep now, but I hope you sleep a bit earlier. How about 11?

| Weverse

Fan: I also want to hear ‘I love you’ from Ahyeon! It’s okay even if it’s a lie!

Ahyeon: I love you. When I say ‘I love you’ it’s not a lie so don’t worry.

What a total sweetheart!

Netizens Are Touched By BABYMONSTER Ahyeon’s Response To A Worried Fan

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