aespa’s Karina Gives Off Major “Little Sister” Vibes During Birthday Weverse Live

aespa’s Karina Gives Off Major “Little Sister” Vibes During Birthday Weverse Live

Recently, aespa’s Karina held a live broadcast with fans to celebrate her birthday. She was comfortably dressed in cute pajamas at her parents’ house. Fans could also hear her interact with her older sister during the live broadcast. They loved the chemistry as it showed true sister vibes.

언니: 잠깐 꺼져도 돼 이거? (조명)
지민: 나?
언니: 아니 이거
지민: 아

— 청 (@yujasyrup) April 11, 2024

Sister: Can I turn this off (go away) for a moment? (light)

Karina: Me?

Sister: No, this.

Karina. Ah.

Fans found this hilarious as it gave total little sister vibes. In Korean, the word 꺼져 has two meanings; one being to “turn something off” and another meaning “to scram” or “go away.” Being the little sister that she is, she immediately thought her older sister meant for her to scram instead of turning off the light!

In another instance, Karina couldn’t hide her “little sister” aegyo and had fans falling head over heels with joy.

고마웡 ~ 목소리 애교 봐 ㅠㅠ

— 순간의 카리나 (@karinaofmoment) April 11, 2024

Thanks! Go on in. Thanks. She’s a good person.

Netizens couldn’t help but smile at how cute she was as a little sister.

“She has that ‘little sister’ vibe.” “It’s so cool they have such similar voices.” “Ah so cute.” “Cutieeee” “So cute the youngest Yoo!” “Why isn’t she my sister!” “So funny how she automatically thinks she means to go away instead of turning something off lol” “So freaking cute!” “It’s so freaking funny how she immediately says ‘Me?’ When asked to turn off (scram) the light.” “I want to be Karina’s older sister! I’d be so nice to her every day!”

In an older live, Karina was seen getting annoyed while playing a game with her older sister, which also showed more of her “little sister” moments.

강조되고 반복되는 소리는 지민이를 불안하게해요. [장] – 유가네 끝말잇기편

— 일일. (@11Wlals4) September 13, 2022

Although she may be the little sister at home, she shows off her charismatic leadership skills in aespa!

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