Yung Miami Addresses and Denies “CFWM” Lyric Stealing Allegations

Yung Miami Addresses and Denies “CFWM” Lyric Stealing Allegations

Yung Miami’s new single, “CFWM,” was released on April 10, featuring Skilla Baby. While the song received positive reviews from fans, another artist, DajshaDoll, accused Miami of stealing her song lyrics. DajshaDoll claimed that Miami stole the line “I’ll go live right now without a f**king filter” from her 2022 song, “R.I.P PIMP C.”

Miami responded to the accusation by stating that she has never heard of DajshaDoll or her song before this situation. She also mentioned that she is from the hood and has been in the hood her whole life, and she doesn’t need filters or fillers to look good. Miami further added that DajshaDoll could have reached out to her or handled the situation differently, and if she inspires people, she should keep going and not want to fight.

Fans appeared to agree with Miami, with one social media user writing, “The bar wasn’t even that catchy for that girl to be mad.” A separate reply read, “Everybody just wanna jump on the Miami hate train and it’s irritating.”

The lead-up to “CFWM” was largely overshadowed by Miami’s spat with JT. Miami accused her City Girls counterpart of sneak dissing on tracks like “Sideways” and “No Bars.” Subsequently, the pair traded jabs at one another before making up publicly.

In other news, Gunna will not be testifying in Young Thug and YSL RICO trial, according to prosecutors. The judge ordered the state to cut down their list of 700-plus witnesses to the ones they currently intend to call, and Gunna’s name is not on the new list of roughly 200 witnesses. Gunna was previously accused of “snitching” after taking an Alford plea at the end of 2022, an agreement that recognized his guilt while asserting his innocence.

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