TXT’s Yeonjun Tries Hard To Play It Cool, But There’s No Fooling MOAs

TXT’s Yeonjun Tries Hard To Play It Cool, But There’s No Fooling MOAs

On a recent episode of KBS Kpop’s YouTube series IDOL 1D2N, TXT held debates on various subjects. The first topic was a battle between a MOA selling TXT merchandise vs. buying other idol merchandise.

While the other members stated their opinions, there was one member in particular that couldn’t hide their emotions.

When Yeonjun chose the side of MOA’s selling their merch, Beomgyu asked him why.

대문자에프남은 그냥 둘다 서운함 ㅜㅜ
그냥 둘다 넘 서운한데
뭔가사정이있었겠지이.. << 이것도 대문자를 넘어선 대대문자에프남 pic.twitter.com/vtPU0CGUmv

— avo (@avozzn) April 7, 2024

Yeonjun: I’ll choose selling too.

Beomgyu: Why?

Yeonjun: There must have been something going on. Isn’t that right? If I bought merch and got in trouble by my mother, than I can sell it again.

After hearing his answer, Taehyun tried to put things into perspective for him.

Taehyun: For buying you are not totally decided, so you might stop it, but if you go out for selling, you can’t get it back. For buying, if they are multi-supporters, we can bring them back. But if you go out to sell, the game is over.

Yeonjun: (There is no way our MOAs would be ‘multi-supporters’) No, there must have been circumstances, our MOAs.

Taehyun: Think about it this way. There are millions of MOAs on Weverse now. All those people are buying other idol’s merch. Imagine if all those people are selling goods. Which is more fatal?

Yeonjun: (Feeling sad just thinking about it) They can’t sell it. (MOA just look at us) MOA, just don’t do both. I’m a bit overindulged and I’m feeling a little upset.

Fans found it adorable that although he tried to play it off cool, he couldn’t help but end up upset just thinking about it!

서운하긴한데, 모아한테는 서운하다고 말못하는것도 너무 연준이ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
근데 말안해도 다 티나는것도 너무 연준이ㅋㅋㅋㅋ https://t.co/QOGtAyaPKF

— September Issue (@Sep_issue913) April 8, 2024

It’s so cute that although he is upset, he can’t show he’s upset to MOAs. But we can totally tell even though he doesn’t say anything.

연준이보러갈려고 굿즈를 팝니다.. https://t.co/3GQOqCTCmF

— ㅌㅊㅅ 해텬 (@hay_tean_0205) April 7, 2024

We sell merch so we can go see you, Yeonjun…

To see more of their debate, watch the full episode below!

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