TREASURE’s Jihoon Is Going Viral For His Interaction With Billlie’s Tsuki

TREASURE’s Jihoon Is Going Viral For His Interaction With Billlie’s Tsuki

TREASURE‘s Jihoon and Billlie‘s Tsuki gained attention for their adorable interaction.

TREASURE’s Jihoon | @treasuremembers/Twitter Billlie’s Tsuki | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

On April 10, TREASURE and Billlie both attended the ASEA 2024 event in Japan.

During the awards event, Tsuki was in the crowds chatting with the idols, and that included TREASURE.

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After chatting with TREASURE, Tsuki was ready to move on, but Jihoon made netizens laugh after asking, “Is that it?” Many thought he probably expected her to say more to the members, but Tsuki seemingly forgot. After realizing what happened, Tsuki apologized and seemed embarrassed.

[Video could not be displayed]

Tsuki then asked one of the members to say something in Japanese.

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After the members had composed themselves, Jihoon passed the microphone to Yoshi, who told the fans that he really liked them.

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When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the interaction between the two idols. Some netizens praised Jihoon for his hilarious response, while others were obsessed with just how adorable Tsuki was being.

Treasure goes on one dating show and all of a sudden they’re trying to collect jewels everywhere

— ME (@kpopswisslife) April 10, 2024

jihoon is just so effortlessly funny even stray kids are cracking up lmao

— 행복지수 314% (@dosukhoon) April 10, 2024

love it how jihoon makes everyone laugh

— JAERIM 요지규 (@jaeeteume) April 10, 2024

If that wasn’t enough, a later video from a fan showed Jihoon lining up the members’ bottles, and many thought it was to make Tsuki’s job easier when she was interviewing them so she didn’t have any tripping hazards.

oh jihoon arranging the bottles probably so tsuki can pass by without difficulty when it’s treasure’s turn for interview

— 행복지수 314% (@dosukhoon) April 10, 2024

TREASURE always make an impact at the events they attend, and Tsuki has melted the hearts of netizens.

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