The Rise And Fall of Quando Rondo’s Gang “Only The Mob”

The Rise And Fall of Quando Rondo’s Gang “Only The Mob”

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. When you hear the neighborhood of Savannah Georgia mentioned, these days, there’s one name that comes to mind, the rapper Quando Rondo.

The man unanimously known for his involvement in the situation that led to the Chiraq serial killer King Von losing his life by Quando Rondo’s homie, Lul Timm.

If you know the background of their life, you won’t be surprised how things played out. They are both part of the Savannah gang known as OTM aka Only The Mob.

In the streets and in law enforcement they’re known as ruthless and responsible for the fear and terror causing paranoia in the citizens with the trail of bodies and violence in their beefs. But is their reign of terror over with Quando Rondo and core members being indicted? Let’s chop it up and break it down.

The streets of Savannah Georgia raised OTM, but even more, they raised one of their most widely known members, Quando Rondo. Coming up he didn’t have the easiest childhood. Mom on drugs, pops in prison, he eventually fell in with the thugs and the gang bangers and became a product of his environment after he himself got into criminal deeds and built up a rap sheet that could publish in a book (2:32-2:44) (4:30-4:45) (2:54-3:03).

The messed up thing is bro had a talent with rapping and singing since he was a jit and dreamed of being in that life, but things just went downhill (2:50-3:02) But still he used his circumstances to his advantage and leveled up his talent in juvie and when bro got out he was channeling the streets into his music, telling his life and bro took off (3:03-3:32) (3:50-4:42).

It looked like clear skies ahead, he linked up with one of Louisiana’s major rappers NBA YoungBoy and was signed to his label (7:00-7:12) It was up, but them streets was still lurking and being a Rolling 60s crip the past followed him everywhere he went. Worse yet, he wasn’t just a crip, but a part of the set that had law enforcement on their toes trying to get control of the crime wave in Savannah. They are notoriously known as Only The Mob aka OTM and Quando never shied away from repping his set and letting it be known his right hand man Lul Timm will stand on business for OTM (1:09-1:15).

OTM also goes by the name JOG aka Jump Out Boys and Quando often is heard incorporating the set into his songs like “Stand On It” (0:31-0:43) (1:35-1:46).

These boys ain’t nothing to mess with. In Savannah their name has grown to be something to fear, not only for citizens but their opps, and that would become known to the world on July 5th 2017 when a trail of bloodshed led cops to a suspect from the OTM gang. Surveillance footage showed how reckless OTM members could be when a white SUV slowly pulled up on Jefferson Street in downtown Savannah.

The place is busy, packed with people and vehicles, but they spotted an opp and wasn’t going to let no casualties stop them from catching a body. As they approached the corner a hand could be seen extending sending people running, especially someone in a white shirt who appeared to be the target being shot at.

It was pandemonium. The dude in the shite T looked like he was wounded by the way he was wobbling when tyring to run to escape (0:11-0:16) Everyone was scattering before the vehicle sped off and a ton of police swarmed the scene .

Of course they wasn’t going to let that slide, so a high speed chase got on the way, but them OTM boys was quick with it, until they wasn’t. The driver would lose control of the whip and slam into a pole ending the lives of two of the 3 OTM affiliates in the vehicle, 20-year-old Gabriel Magulias and 17-year-old Spencer Stuckey.

Police body cam footage shows the moment they apprehended the sole survivor, 16 year old, Jerry Chambers who miraculously was still alive in the smashed up vehicle (0:43-0:53).

News would break that the General Manager Scott Waldrup of the Savannah restaurant, The Grey.

also lost his life after he was hit by the SUV while Jerry nem was doing the race from the cops.

Reports state that Scott was a real one, sacrificing his own life to push other pedestrians out of the way (0:49-1:05).

So now Jerry was in a pickle, he was arrested and facing hell with the law and boi did it place a bigger target on OTM’s back to get them off the streets. 3 bodies dropped and more injured (0:02-0:14).

All of that to leave 2 of his opps with holes but still alive, but OTM only concern is about the mob, anyone else can get it.

Authorities made no hesitation to let it be known that bro was OTM and they been terrorizing the streets for a minute (0:52-0:58) Jerry would be facing 14 criminal charges from the incident and in 2020 was convicted of 10 and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole (0:00-0:32). (0:00-0:18).

OTM was now in the spotlight, citizens were growing tired of the hold they hand on the city, but the bloodshed wouldn’t stop there. One of their main opps, the 1100 gang who was alleged to be the ones they upped the pole on, wasn’t going to just sit back and be made a fool of. On the other hand the cops wasn’t going to sit back and let their rivalry cause more terror either, even if one of the OTM victims, Spencer Stuckey’s mom would do an interview saying OTM wasn’t a gang but they were family that helped each other out (1:14-1:42).

Just a couple months after OTM members bussed at 1100 gang members, the feud continued. Reports state that on September 13th on 31st St. and Bee Rd. two groups were exchanging gunfire with each other in the area that night. An 18 year old by the name of Arraffi Williams was struck during the exchange and was fatally injured.

Reports would state that less than 12 hours after the shooting occurred, investigators identified a suspect – 17 year old Tanaiveon Johnson aka Tay.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police went on to say investigators determined that Williams was in the area with Johnson at the time of the shooting and exchanging fire with the other group.

Johnson was arrested and charged with one count of felony murder and three counts of aggravated assault.

Further investigations revealed Johnson was allegedly responsible for 3 opps getting injured, Rodrick Matthews, Calvin Morris, and Ebony Matthews from a motor vehicle.

The beef was growing more deadly every day. Not even a week later another body dropped. According to reports, Around 1:20 a.m. on Sept. 17, officers responded to a local hospital in reference to a male shooting victim, later identified as Jaheim Morris, who arrived by private vehicle with life-threatening injuries.

Official court documents of the homicide reveal that Jaheim Morris had been driven to the hospital in a private car, which had a bullet hole in one of its doors. The other occupants of.

this car were Maxwell, Washington, and two others. Police searched em for weapons and  recovered a handgun from Maxwell and a revolver and a pistol from Washington. (0:09-1:05).

Now it turns out that Jaheim aka Heem wasn’t a regular degular teen, but a member of a gang known as 2x.

Now this is how it’s all connected to savages known as OTM. So 2x is said to be a collective of the crews 1100 gang and VB$ aka Villa Boy Soldiers, both of which are opps to OTM.

1100 affiliate and Savannah rapper Hunch Reese is seen repping Heem on his shirt in honor of his fallen homie.

But it would only take time before he himself was caught lackin by OTM and put on a shirt.

Before that authorities were hot on the trail to end the trail of violence and in September 2018 news broke that they scooped up 7 members of OTM and 1100 on a 64 count indictment.

with allegations referring to up to 5 homicides caused by the gang feud. (0:53-1:46).

The indictment brought a lot of things to light revealing that Tanaiveon “Tay” Johnson who is accused of murking Arraffi Williams and spraying down 3 opps is OTM.

and accusing Yusuf Maxwell, Zonnique Maxwell, Tyquarious Washington and Kaisun Dixon of being members of the 1100 Block gang who was charged in connection with the September 2017 homicide of their own affiliate Jaheim “Heem” Morris. Reports state that they were in the whip bussing at the opps with Heem but he got hit by friendly fire in the process.

It was a war like the streets had never seen (0:00-0:17) OTM was going head to head with not only one rival but a coalition and showing no signs of backing down.

The indictment didn’t faze the feud. OTM was still out for blood and on January 1st 2019, Tyrese Carter aka Huncho Reese who was repping Heem on his shirt was sent to join his 2x homie.

According to reports, his family says he was scheduled to perform at a New Years bash for teens at the Crayola Cafe.

But the opps were lurking and slid on him, catching a body. (1:16-1:26)  Not only that but they were ruthless enough to post a vid online of him laid out followed by a caption with 11K meaning 1100 gang killer. (0:00-0:11).

Quando Rondo would stand on business for his set, later releasing the diss track “Purple Baby” where he raps about smoking on purple baby dead opps and even has the opp packs in the music video (0:12-0:35).

Quando Rondo was making it known if you go against OTM then it’s up. (1:03:40-1:03:50).

OTM was doing damage, and they had one of the biggest rappers out of Savannah repping the set. The problem with that was it also made him the bigger target and before the opps could get their revenge, the cops got it first in early 2023 when they came for the neck of the entire gang in an indictment where Quando Rondo was also scooped up. (0:31-0:50).

Quando would drop 100k on bond and be back on the skreets. (0:00-0:19) The cops was trying to pin him as the big cheese, not only being a member of OTM but also being the head of the rolling 60s (0:40-1:35).

It looked for a second that OTM would pull through with Quando being back outside, but the law wasn’t done coming for him. After being arrested months earlier on state charges of drug and gang activity, he was arrested on December 8th during a traffic stop around midnight Friday .

According to reports, the federal indictments which were unsealed show Quando being accused of one count in a 14-count federal criminal indictment. He is accused of being part of a conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute controlled substances such as substances methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, and marijuana. With him, they gunning for the other members of the alleged gang as well on criminal counts that range from a drug conspiracy, drug distribution, weapons, and robbery charges.

OTM was causing a ruckus and moving up the ranks in the streets and the music industry with the man that’s become the face of the one who caused one of the most devious savages from the Raq to be slain. But with members in jail, dead, and now facing the full force of the law with more than one indictment, how will the cards in the future play out?

One key thing stands out thus far in the gang war, all of these bodies and persons charged for those bodies are all teenagers. It’s sad when this is the cycle they’re trapped in without even realizing there’s no winner no matter how much you up the score. RIP to all those lost in the senseless gang feud.

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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