Slicctawk: Rising Artist from Deland, FL Making Waves in the Rap Community

Slicctawk: Rising Artist from Deland, FL Making Waves in the Rap Community

Deland, Florida, is home to a talented and charismatic artist who is capturing the attention of listeners with his original sound and dedication to his craft – Slicctawk. With his unique style and determination, Slicctawk is quickly establishing himself as an up-and-coming name in the rap community.

One of the reasons people should pay attention to Slicctawk is his undeniable charm and good looks. But beyond his appearance, Slicctawk’s music is what truly sets him apart. His sound is authentic and genuine, not a copy or imitation. He is dedicated to creating real music that resonates with his audience, and he is determined to go further in his career with time. Slicctawk is tirelessly working and building his brand, leaving no stone unturned.

Notable in Slicctawk’s career is his collaboration with Zayglobal, which has garnered attention and helped him gain recognition in the music industry. Additionally, major influencers and other prominent artists have reached out to him for collaborations, indicating that Slicctawk’s talent is being recognized. These achievements are just the beginning for him.

However, Slicctawk has faced significant challenges in his personal life. His biggest supporter, his mother, passed away from lung cancer on June 5th, 2023. This tragic event left Slicctawk lost for months, and he continues to feel the impact. His mother always encouraged him to pursue music and pushed him to work harder. Despite her untimely passing, Slicctawk made a promise to himself and his mother that he would achieve success and live the life she always wanted for him. This loss fueled his determination and has been a driving force behind his work ever since.

Looking ahead, Slicctawk envisions himself buzzing and becoming a well-known figure in the rap community. Whether it’s gaining local or state recognition, he is focused on elevating his career. Slicctawk also dreams of working with other established artists and building his brand and team, STM (Save The Money, Stack The Money). His ultimate goal is to achieve financial stability and create a legacy that will provide a better life for his children, ensuring they won’t have to struggle as he did.

Slicctawk wants the world to know that he is an up-and-coming household name in the music industry and is open to working with other serious and dedicated artists. He emphasizes the importance of business and money, stating, “Business is money, and money is business.” Slicctawk is driven by the desire to succeed and is determined to make sure that those who collaborate with him have their finances in order.

As Slicctawk continues to make his mark, he has new music on the way. A mixtape titled “Last Laugh” is coming soon, but in the meantime, his single “Wondering” is available on all platforms. He encourages listeners to not only enjoy his music but also share it with others. Slicctawk’s captivating style is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

To stay connected with Slicctawk and experience his captivating music, follow him on Instagram @Slicctawk (, like his Facebook page @slicctawk (, and follow him on Twitter @Slicctawk ( You can also listen to his music on Spotify at Slicctawk ( and subscribe to his YouTube channel @Slicctawk (

Slicctawk is an emerging artist on the rise, ready to make his mark in the rap community. With his unique sound, dedication, and captivating presence, Slicctawk is poised for success. Prepare to be captivated by the talent and charisma of Slicctawk as he continues to make waves in the music industry.

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