RIIZE’s Anton Dropped A Picture Of The Solar Eclipse And Put Fans In Their Feels

RIIZE’s Anton Dropped A Picture Of The Solar Eclipse And Put Fans In Their Feels

Recently, RIIZE’s Anton shared photos and a message on Weverse, making fans emotional over his heartfelt words. The released photos revealed the solar eclipse, which was sent to him by a friend living in the States.

Anton’s Weverse post | Weverse

Hi BRIIZE 😀 Did you guys see the new photos that were released? These eclipse photos were sent to me by a friend in the States. Most of you probably know, but a solar eclipse happened yesterday. It’s so cool. I’m sad I wasn’t able to see it with my own eyes, but because of the eclipse, I started thinking about what I would be doing or what kind of person I would have become by the time of the next eclipse.

I think my friend was touched after seeing the eclipse, and they sent me a long message..’If feels like a crazy coincidence that the moon blocked the sun. But then I thought, ah, it’s obvious. The moon was always swimming towards this moment.’

That’s right. Hundreds of years ago, people thought the world was ending when they saw an eclipse, and they could have said their goodbyes to loved ones. But now, we see things like this and are happy. Because we know that the sun is just covered and hasn’t disappeared.

Pain is like that. It covers our lives for a moment. Nothing else changes. Korea will be able to see an eclipse in 2035! Let’s watch it together then!

I wasn’t trying to say anything deep. Although we have our comeback, fan-con tour, and mini album coming up, I know it might be hard, but I hope that BRIIZE will be able to experience these happy moments together. Everyone, cheer up!

Picture sent my Anton | Weverse Picture sent my Anton | Weverse 

Fans that read the post were touched by his heartfelt words.

Netizen comments | theqoo “He has a deep heart.” “I sometimes forget that he grew up in the states and has only been in Korea for about three years. He writes so well.” “I’m tearing up…” “He looks like a fairy and writes so beautifully.” “His words are so beautiful.” “He’s making me cry again…I hope his purity lasts an eternity.” “His thinking is deep.” “He really has a deep mind.”

On the other hand, RIIZE will be making a comeback in June with its first mini album, RIIZING.

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