Mystery Shrouds Gruesome Deaths Of 2 Men And 2 Women At Hotel

Mystery Shrouds Gruesome Deaths Of 2 Men And 2 Women At Hotel

Paju City, a sleepy suburb of Seoul, has been flipped upside down over a murder mystery straight out of a movie.

Paju City | Hankook Kyungjae

On April 11, it was reported that two women were found dead inside a hotel, while two men were found lifeless outside of the same hotel.

According to reports, the police believe the four recently began talking through an app. Police, however, state that they could not find any evidence showing that the women and men were in a relationship or that they were even acquaintances. Police have also ruled out mass suicide.

Unrelated hotel room for illustrative purposes | No Cut News

Police have since revealed that the women were choked to death and that they believe the men jumped out of the window when police arrived at the scene.

This, however, conflicts with reports stating that police were first called to the hotel after receiving reports that two men had jumped out of the window. Reports state that it was only after police had arrived and checked the rooms of the men that they found the dead bodies of two women.


Police have also ruled out sexual crimes and drug use.

Stay tuned for updates.

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