Joe Budden says Drake and Kendrick Lamar are about to “go nuclear” with diss tracks

Joe Budden says Drake and Kendrick Lamar are about to “go nuclear” with diss tracks

Joe Budden has made claims that Drake and Kendrick Lamar have both gone into the studio and made diss tracks against one another.

On the 2023 single ‘First Person Shooter’, fellow rap peer J. Cole called himself, Lamar and Drake “the big three” of modern rap music. Last month, Lamar threw this statement back in Cole’s face on the Metro Boomin-produced ‘Like That’. “Motherfuck the big three,” he declared, “N****, it’s just big me”.

This led to Cole sending a rebuttal on ‘7 Minute Drill from his most recent mixtape ‘Might Delete Later’, which he later retracted and admitted he regretted.

Drake has yet to directly reply to Lamar’s verse. However, he seemingly commented on the situation while performing on his and Cole’s ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour. “You know the way I’m feeling? I got my head up high, my back straight, I’m feeling 10 feet fucking high,” he told the crowd. “No matter where I go, there’s not a n**** on this Earth that can fuck with me tonight.”

Budden shared his thoughts on the aftermath of Lamar’s verse on his popular The Joe Budden Podcast.

Joe Budden on Drake & Kendrick

“I have it on good information that both sides went into the booth and came out”

— Dash (@WATTBA10) April 10, 2024

“Whatever little rap-y shit you thought was going on, it’s not that and something’s coming,” he began. “I think that J. Cole knows that from either Drake, Kendrick or both. And it was time to bow out because we are no longer in the first or second round with this thing. Kendrick has earned himself a buy with Cole’s apology.”

He added: “I have it on good information that both sides went in the booth and came out. And what I’m hearing about both sides is that it’s nuclear. It’s up, up. I’m hearing this from people that can rap. So I wanna come in here and say that speculation time is over. Debate time is over.

“I been saying for a few pods that I’ve seen absolutely nothing from Drake to get me excited enough to think that he will be capable of doing what needs to be done against the likes of a Kendrick Lamar. I’m here to say there is no longer any need for me to instigate anything. We’re here.”

Last year, Budden and Drake engaged in a feud of their own after the rapper-turned-broadcaster said the latter was “rapping for the children” on his last album, ‘For All The Dogs’.

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“You’re going to be 37-years-old. Get the fuck away from some of these younger n***as,” said Budden. “I want to hear adult Drake rapping for adult people. He’s rapping for the kids, the streams, the accolades. He ain’t trying to rap for me. I can accept that.”

Drake hit back at the ‘Pump It Up’ star, telling him he “failed at music”. He continued: “You left it behind to do what you are doing in this clip cause this is what actually pays your bills. For any artist watching this just remember you are watching a failure give their opinion on his idea of a recipe for success… a quitter give their opinion on how to achieve longevity.”

Neither Kendrick Lamar nor Drake have responded to rumours about whether they have a diss track prepared for each other.

In other news, 50 Cent has reacted to Cole apologising to Lamar at this year’s Dreamville Festival, telling the rapper to “call [his] phone”.

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