How To Buy Peso Pluma And Sony’s Ult Power Sound Series Speakers

In February, Peso Pluma signed his first-ever brand partnership with Sony. “I’m excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Sony’s ‘For The Music’ campaign to continue opening pathways for Latin music,” Pluma said in a statement at the time. On Thursday, April 11, Pluma and Sony jointly announced the launch of the ULT POWER SOUND series, which is described in a press release as “a new series of Bluetooth speakers and headphones designed to make users feel like they are front row at a concert.”

“The powerful sound and massive bass of the ULT POWER SOUND® series excites me,” Pluma said in a statement. “As a musician who relies heavily on bass when creating my music, I feel that these products provide the best listening experience for my fans, and there is nothing else like it.”

How To Buy Peso Pluma & Sony’s Ult Power Sound Series Speakers

The product launch includes ULT TOWER 10, ULT FIELD 7, ULT FIELD 1, and ULT WEAR. According to a press release, each product will be available sometime in “spring 2024” at Sony’s official website, Amazon, Best Buy, and “other Sony-authorized dealers.”

The pricing is based upon “suggested retail price”:

ULT TOWER 10: $1,199
ULT FIELD 7: $499
ULT FIELD 1 in black, forest gray, off-white, or orange: $129
ULT WEAR in black, forest gray, or off-white: $199.99

Find all of the product details here.

In one of Sony’s promotional videos, Pluma jaunts into a quiet museum with a smirk because he knows he’s about to use the ULT TOWER 10 to put on an impromptu concert for the unsuspecting museumgoers. The paintings even come to life!

Watch that video above or the behind-the-scenes video below.

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