Beloved Couple Breaks Up “Completely,” Calls Off Wedding

Beloved Couple Breaks Up “Completely,” Calls Off Wedding

Popular internet celebrity GAMST (Kim In Jik) has officially broken up with Ddu Bap (Oh Jo Eun).

Ddu Bap (left) and GAMST (right)

On April 11, GAMST revealed on his livestream that he and Ddu Bap had broken up again.

I have something to tell you. I think all of you have caught on, but Ddu Bap and I have completely broken up. I tried my best through several incidents, but in the end, we decided to completely end things without any regrets.


The news comes just 10 days after the streamer shared that he and his estranged fiancé had gotten back together. Unfortunately, it seems the couple has split up once again.

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