The Bleedas vs Their Opps (NBA): War In Baton Rouge

The Bleedas vs Their Opps (NBA): War In Baton Rouge

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. Baton Rogue has become a hob for promising rappers with one of the most iconic out the city being the big slime NBA YoungBoy and his NBA crew.

But new players have been emerging to claim their share of success and fame as talents out the city like the crew calling themselves The Bleedas.

The problem is, all these rappers are allegedly tied to the streets so with the rise in fame, fallouts between childhood friends between camps began getting out of hand. Diss tracks start throwing, and blood has been run in the streets. Just who are The Bleedas and how did the NBA crew become some of their most hated opps? Let’s chop it up and break it down.

The Bleedas aren’t a big group, but their gang is said to be feared in the streets of Baton Rouge where they call home. Their set includes prominent members like the one who put the Bleedas on the map, True Bleeda.

His brother, Cobleeda

His Cousin, Real Bleeda

And 54 Don DaDa 

The group was formed by OG members Donte Dorsey aka True Bleeda and Real Bleeda talking in front a store one day after reminiscing on the pain and loss felt in the streets. Real Bleeda was the one who came up with the name True Bleedas because of the depth of losses and experiences they overcame in the streets. It represented their deep ties and bond coming in chasing a better way. That’s when Donte Dorsey jumped into the rap game and put the name True Bleedas on his back taking them into the spotlight before his opps slid on him and his partners causing Real Bleeda to take up the torch (2:47-3:25).

Their origin goes deeper, but just wanted to give their formation so you understand these dudes saw real things and experienced real pain and loss at a young age so their beefs ain’t no wax on wax off, it’s up for real. And with a crew like NBA nem you know them boys on that type of time too given YB mindset and history.

But the thing is, how did The Bleedas and NBA start beefing? Cause even Cobleeda in an interview said like him and NBA Ben 10.

was boys as kids (2:32-2:44)

Many speculate that street politics had a part to play in the now deadly beef. That’s because NBA members have ties with one of The Bleedas most hated rivals, The Vultures.

Now here’s how this connects to NBA. Turns out, YB’s lil bro Bway Yungy

is a member of Go6lin Gang aka 6 Da Crew, a fraction of The Vultures while P Youngin who is signed to YB label is also affiliated with The Vultures 

and NBA Ben 10 is allegedly family with some Vulture members and is known to be cool with Bway Yungy (1:35-1:50)

So there’s The Bleedas who is beefing with The Vultures and The Vultures who has ties with NBA nem. Knowing the streets, anything could have caused the beef to trickle over to NBA, hell, even just by affiliation to their opps, The Bleedas could have taken shots at NBA, it really be like that sometimes. But one particular incident is highlighted a lot that is said to have intensified the bloodlust between The Bleedas and NBA. That was the moment Ben 10 got wet up and his cousin Marvin Batiste was murked in a drive by.

Reports state that on December 2nd 2021, around 11:30 pm, deputies were called to a scene, a truck not moving in the middle of I-10 Westbound near Prairieville. The vehicle had been shot multiple times, and inside the vehicle was a male who had been deceased from gunshot wounds and the driver who was also injured but was taken to the hospital and survived. This was later found out to be the drive by involving Marvin Batiste and NBA Ben 10 (0:22-0:47)

Of course, dudes can’t wait to throw fuel to the fire. The Bleedas wasted no time mentioning Ben 10 and making fun of his cousin in the highly disrespectful track “Gator Pack” with Cobleeda, 40glockcyou, 1514 Bee, and Ruger Rudy.

In his bars 40glockcyou rapped “heard a ninja stepped on shh but they was tryna step on Ben. He felt that fire, f’d around and shut down I-10” (1:33-1:45)

You know once dudes fallen mans get dissed it just sets a chain of dangerous events in motion. The Bleedas didn’t care and came mentioning names directed to NBA nem. Fasho Ben 10 heard the noise and responded with a video to his IG basically saying bragging about murking his cousin ain’t a flex because he wasn’t about that life or into anything and they ain’t really built like that because they know where he’s at but won’t pull up–cozNoD8l0am (0:18-0:52) Before ending his message he sent back a shot to the opps saying what they need to do is post up their dead mans instead of worrying bout his peoples–cozNoD8l0am (0:53-1:00)

Ben 10 would also post up a pic of himself and his cuzzo

Before also taking a shot at the Bleedas by posting taunting em saying pull up he’s outside alone

The Bleedas was now on NBA’s radar and vice versa. Both crews had hot heads and they would clash on social media in a heated argument. Ben 10 and True Bleeda was going at it on Clubhouse with True Bleeda telling Ben 10 he not like that for real and he’s just pretending to be about the gangster lifestyle he talk about 

The Bleedas wasn’t backing down with disrespecting the dead and dropped the diss track “Pick Yo Potna Up” on January 13th 2022 and them boys was wilding on the track. Strapped up and talking reckless in the music video, they came to disrespect and that’s exactly what they did (0:11-0:33)

The Bleedas would soon learn ain’t no winners in the streets. Laugh at the opps now, but then opps would be laughing right back in time, and their time came on February 25th 2022 when the face of The Bleedas and his partner was caught lackin and murked. True Bleeda was in the mall of Louisiana with Bleeda affiliates Cliff, 

Cobleeda and 54 Don Dada when the opps got on their trail lurking. 

They took pics with some females, not sure if they were companions or just fans. The pics were posted online, could have been before the hit or after the hit. 

Little did they know those pics would be the last True Bleeda and Cliff would take

Cobleeda would smell the rat and tell True Bleeda he felt like something was off and they been in the mall too long saying they should leave, but they didn’t heed his advice (3:36-4:12)

When they were finally leaving in their whip, a car pulled up and started blasting causing them to run into a pole. True Bleeda wasn’t going down like that and hopped out the whip while all that was happening and buss back at the opps (4:22-4:36)

Sadly, him and Cliff didn’t make it 

The hitters car was wet up too cause of True Bleeda bussing back so cops say they left their vehicle at the scene and dipped in another getaway car. 

When police popped up to the scene they found True Bleeda and Cliff passed away and Cobleeda and 54 Don Dada wounded (0:56-1:24),around%2015%2C000%20plays%20at%20least.

It was a deadly blow to The Bleedas leaving Cobleeda and 54 Don Dada to nurse emotional wounds and physical wounds from the hit they luckily survived 

The Bleedas were going through it and some, like 54 Don Dada broke down online crying for his slain homies and pledging to take revenge on the opps, but you know the opps like nothing better than to laugh at a brother’s pain so that’s exactly what they reposted and did (0:01-0:20)

NBA nem didn’t hold back to get their chuckles in. Ben 10, the one who True Bleeda disrespected on Clubhouse posted trolling The Bleedas listening to True Bleedas song “Soul Survivor” But he didn’t stop there. Ben 10 went to the mall and posted in a vid making jokes of The Bleedas hit, saying he ain’t going out like them boys 

Bway Yungy would post to his IG laughing at True Bleeda getting murked

NBA Herm got his jabs in too with lyrics on the song “Soul Snatcher” where he took aim at 54 Don Dada crying over True Bleeda and said they were laughing at their deads so it’s their turn now (1:41-1:52) 

But Herm went on to say somn that made it seem like the hit was from NBA with the lyrics “dropped a couple dollars, youngin’ flushed ‘em with the chopper” (1:52-1:55)

This was the NBA camp’s get back for all the disrespect from The Bleedas dissing their mans. P Youngin and his bro Rico Taliban got online sending shots directly to The Bleedas (6:27-6:34)

P Youngin would continue coming for their top, dropping snippets referencing the True Bleeda hit and dissing his other partners (7:58-8:05)

Bleeda affiliate TG Kommas 

popped on IG to address P Youngin saying he really rocked with his music and they grew up together so why he’s dissing his dead mans (5:30-6:36)

P Younging wasn’t tryna hear all that and responded with the utmost disrespect (6:37-6:58)

Both sides was going back and forth and it wouldn’t stop. Real Bleeda in a Say Cheese interview said at age 18 he got a 130k bag when his moms passed and blew it with his Bleedas (0:49-1:02) (1:26-1:34)

Ben 10 would drop a track referencing the interview saying Real Bleeda nem ain’t out here for real and came up off his moms who in the ground

not only that but he took aim at Cobleeda too who said him and Ben 10 was boys growing up (0:54-1:05)

Cobleeda would respond calling out NBA for being broke and being druggies putting out wack music (0:00-0:50)

In April 14th 2022, detectives held a press conference saying they made an arrest in connection with the drive-by that murked True Bleeda and Cliff. The suspect was 21-year-old Demetriyon Grim aka Dubugg who has ties to the Vultures

He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, and illegal use of a weapon (0:29-0:53)

Reports state that Grim was in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison prior to this arrest for a non-related charge (0:00-0:20)

However, in August 2022 reports state that jurors decided there was not enough evidence to formally charge Grim for the double homicide outside the Mall of Louisiana, but stated that prosecutors will likely bring the case back before a grand jury once they review the evidence.

It would be over a year after True Bleeda’s hit that authorities would apprehend another suspect in the homicide. April 11th 2023 reports state that two Baton Rouge men were arrested after Texas law enforcement caught them smuggling several undocumented immigrants near the U.S.-Mexico border, one of whom police believe played a role in a drive-by that murked two teenagers outside the Mall of Louisiana (0:40-2:22)

Authorities identified the driver as 26-year-old Donald Ray Graves and the passenger as Najoua Jabarie Harris, 25. Both from Baton Rouge.

Police believe Graves bought the car, a white 2005 Honda Accord, on Feb. 24, 2022 which was used in the shooting the next day and abandoned at the scene on Bluebonnet Boulevard, with the shooters jumping into a getaway car that had been following them (2:36-3:01)

The Bleedas has both caused opps to bleed and have been bleeding themselves. They have the talent to make it big in the music industry, but like all the other street rappers before and after them, they seem to keep tossing it away in beefs that don’t benefit anyone. Losing their members to the streets and jail, it’s only time will tell if those still out and living will focus on the music and take the Bleeda name to stardom.

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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