RRose RRome: Hellcat- Single/Video Review

RRose RRome


Counterpoint 2.0

Released: 2 July, 2021

RRose RRome, a Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist and rapper, created a music video titled “Hellcat” for his EP “Rose Gold Pre Pack” on Spotify. The video was directed by Counterpoint 2.0.


The transitions in the song were seamless, and the choreography of the characters in the music video complemented the rhythm well.


Filmed in New York City under the Kosciusko Bridge, the video maintained a consistent beat and featured additional elements that enhanced its ambiance. There were subtle thematic undertones throughout, suggesting a deliberate effort to convey a message. As a self-proclaimed “hustler,” RRose RRome extensively discussed financial themes in the video, emphasizing his avoidance of distractions and scams while showcasing his possessions. The slow-motion shots further reinforced this narrative, focusing on both RRome and bystanders and highlighting their attire. Hellcat SRTs, boasting 710 horsepower, were prominently featured throughout the video.


The video predominantly revolves around RRose RRome, surrounded by others and his cars, against the backdrop of the night. Significant attention is given to his attire, including his Timberland boots and chain. The lyrics “faster than a Hellcat” synchronously align with scenes of the Hellcat accelerating, creating a cohesive visual and auditory experience. The video concludes with the car speeding away, followed by the CounterPoint 2.0 logo, providing a fitting conclusion.


The engaged bystanders added depth to the video, contributing to its narrative. The urban environment further amplified the mood conveyed by the rap. The musical cadence seamlessly synchronized with RRome’s movements, and the transitions within the music complemented the shifts in tone. Additionally, the incorporation of various outfits throughout the video was executed with finesse, maintaining an authentic feel.


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