Lee Sang Yeob Dotes On Wife While Unveiling Couple’s Full Love Story

Lee Sang Yeob Dotes On Wife While Unveiling Couple’s Full Love Story

Lee Sang Yeob revealed the full story of how he fell in love with his wife.

Lee Sang Yeob (left) with his wife (right) | Wikitree

On April 9, Lee Sang Yeob was a guest on SBS’s Dolsing Fourmen, where he doted on his wife.

In the episode, Lee Sang Yeob shared how he first met his wife.

One day I was so lonely after filming, so I called my friend and asked him if he knew someone who he could introduce me to. My friend then gave me the Instagram account of my wife. Once I saw her photos I felt I had seen her before and asked him to introduce me to her.

— Lee Sang Yeob

Lee Sang Yeob then stated that after sharing a few messages with his future wife, one day, he offered to pick her up from her work.

After we messaged each other, I offered to pick her up from her work. I also wanted to know if she looked similar to her pictures. When I drove to where she was, I saw her with her hands in her pocket. At that moment, I felt as if everything was in slow motion.

She had a high-collar coat on, and she was stunning. Her eyes were so pretty. She looked exactly like she did in her pictures. Usually, I would have opened the door for her, but I lowered the window and stared at her for a long time. Because I was in a trance, I didn’t even know that I hadn’t unlocked the doors.

— Lee Sang Yeob

The actor continued to dote on his wife, revealing that he couldn’t take his eyes off her in their first meeting.

We went to a restaurant. While looking at her, I felt like my mind was in a daze. We had difficulties finding the restaurant, but the food wasn’t very good. We both took a bite and then looked at each other, and her eyes seemed to become round when she looked at me, and she was so pretty. I don’t know, maybe it was the music, but she was so pretty.

— Lee Sang Yeob

When asked about when he proposed to his wife, Lee Sang Yeob confessed that everything happened in a blur.

The second time we met was Christmas Eve. I had stayed in constant contact with her for three days straight. The next thing I knew, it was May. I was lost in our romance to the point that I didn’t know how time was passing. She said she wanted to get married in Spring, and I did too. So I called someone I knew to see if I could find a venue, but they were all full. Then, all of a sudden, I got a call, and I was told a couple had canceled.

Unfortunately, at the time I was driving to see my girlfriend. I told her that we could get married on March 24 and she said yes. She said, “Eung, okay.” That was how I proposed. Before I knew it I was wiring the deposit to the venue.

— Lee Sang Yeob

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yeob married his girlfriend on March 24, 2024. You can read more about the couple’s happy day in the link below.

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