How to Pre-Release Your Track on TikTok

SoundOn now offers artists and labels the ability to pre-release their tracks on TikTok. Pre-releasing your tracks gives your TikTok audience exclusive access to preview and create with your music before the official release. Add TikTok Pre-Release to your marketing plan to build buzz around the new release, convert listeners into fans and to engage directly with your TikTok community.

What is pre-release?

Pre-release allows an artist to launch a 13-60 second clip of their song on TikTok before it is officially released on other distribution platforms. This allows your audience to start creating user-generated content, while you can promote pre-saves, build traction, and gain the momentum you need for your track to debut at a higher position and receive lucrative playlist placement on streaming platforms. Let your audience use your track as their background music, make their own viral dance challenge, or create a Duet or Stitch!

Does this mean that TikTok owns the rights to my track?

No, your track rights fully belong to you. By pre-releasing on TikTok, you are not giving the platform the sole right to the music released ahead of the official launch. You’ll be able to promote your track on other social platforms and other forms of media.

Will I receive royalties for a pre-released track?

Yes! Absolutely. TikTok royalties can be collected from the time the clip is live on the platform. You will see both collected royalties and analytics data from TikTok from the pre-release date.

When is the best time to pre-release my track?

We recommend pre-releasing a song at least 7-14 days before its official release. This gives it enough time to build viral momentum, gives TikTok creators enough time to create their own content, and works as an effective marketing campaign to promote pre-save links.

Is this feature available to all music artists?

Yes. All SoundOn artists can select a pre-release date when they release a single, album, or EP.

Can I edit my pre-release clip or the pre-release date after it is live on TikTok?

Definitely! You can change the clip snippet or the date of a pre-release by editing the album on SoundOn. The pre-release date can be changed as long as the date is at least 24 hours before the official release of the track. The TikTok clip can be changed at any time before or after the official release.

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