Do Millennials Belong In The K-Pop Fandom? Netizen Sparks Debate 

Do Millennials Belong In The K-Pop Fandom? Netizen Sparks Debate 

K-Pop fans are often stereotyped as obsessive teenage fangirls. Yet, if you attend any concert or look at statistics, you will see the truth that many adults help to make up fandoms.


— BTS ARMY Census (@ARMYCensus) July 10, 2022

Still, most associate fangirling with being young, although, in reality, they aren’t correlated. So, adults, unfortunately, are judged when revealed to be fans of K-Pop.

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Recently, a K-Pop fan sparked a debate regarding whether or not millennials belong in the fandom.

Fans at KCON | Krista Schlueter/The New York Times

The K-Pop fan in question is only in their 30s. Yet, they’re worried about remaining a fan even as they become middle-aged. So, they asked for netizens’ honest opinions.

| Instiz

Tell me honestly… I’m already in my 30s, and if things continue like this, I think I’ll continue to be a fan in my 40s, but I’m just wondering if I should sort it out now.

— Original Poster

Netizens’ reactions were divided. Some were genuinely confused as to why anyone would worry about stopping to be a fan of anything just due to age. Others pointed out that it’s a common thing to be teased or made fun of over.

| Instiz “Why? Why not?” “I think if I can do it, I can do it for a lifetime.” “Why? No, why?” “What does age have to do with being a fan?” “Actually, there are a lot of people who make fun of it.” “In the first place, those who make fun of others are the strange ones.”

Yet, most comments were from older fans just like OP (Original Poster), so they empathized with the struggle. Some younger fans also chimed in, saying that as long as they support their idol, they have no problem with it.

| Instiz “I don’t care if they’re in their 30s or 40s; I just hope they’re big fans of my idol.” “I want to be a fan for the rest of my lifeㅠ” “I only pay attention to my favorite idol, so when I see someone in their 30s or 40s, I just think, ‘Oh, there are older fans too,’ and don’t think much about it at that moment.” “Why…!? I really want to keep supporting them consistently. It’s not harming anyone else, but I feel sad about it. I just like it when my idol does well and grows. I’m already in my mid-30s.” “I understand that feeling… There are fans who dislike it when the fans’ ages are older, and it really hurts. I’m just passionately supporting without causing harm… ㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s a bit heartbreaking. ㅠㅠ”

What do you think?

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