Broadcast Writer Sentenced To Jail For Extorting Billions From A Famous Idol

Broadcast Writer Sentenced To Jail For Extorting Billions From A Famous Idol

According to reports on April 10, KST, a broadcaster was recently sentenced to prison for gaslighting an idol and extorting billions of wons from them.

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The broadcaster, identified as “B,” is an acquaintance of idol “A,” a former member of a prominent K-Pop group. In 2019, “A” was booked on charges of sexual harassment of two women, and at that time, “B” had offered to help him get acquitted through their connection with a “high-ranking prosecutor.”

The claims convinced the idol and gave “B” [KRW] 1.6 billion [/KRW]. In reality, however, “B” had no connections with any prosecutor and never sent that money to anyone further. In December 2019, when “A” was acquitted, “B” again demanded more money from the idol, claiming that the prosecutors were trying to overturn the acquittal.

Deceived by “B” once again, the idol handed over his bank account and password to “B,” who stole another ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $734,000 USD), including a loan from the bank using A’s house as collateral. Additionally, they received 218 luxury items from the idol, including a gold bag.

Eventually, “A” realized that they were being scammed and filed a lawsuit against “B.” In July 2023, “B” was indicted on charges of fraud and the violation of the Attorney’s Act. “B” was then handed down a penalty of nine years in prison and ordered to pay “A” back ₩2.60 billion KRW (about $1.91 million USD).

Since both the prosecution and the defendant have appealed the ruling, the Seoul High Court will be holding a second trial.

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