BABYMONSTER Fans Jokingly Suggest Fandom Names For The K-Pop Group

BABYMONSTER Fans Jokingly Suggest Fandom Names For The K-Pop Group

Now that BABYMONSTER has been around for a couple of months, fans are expecting that their fandom name could be announced sometime soon. Considering they’re from a big label and they’ve already been getting quite a bit of attention from their latest comeback, “SHEESH”, it would only make sense for their fandom to become official!


It’s always interesting to see what name will be chosen for a K-Pop artist’s fandom, with some names being much better received and more sensical than others. And sometimes, suggestions from fans themselves are taken into consideration when choosing the fandom name.

That being said, a list of “potential” names for BABYMONSTER’s fandom has been getting attention online recently because of its humorous nature.

The list of nine suggestions, shared on a public forum post, doesn’t seem to be one to take seriously, as it includes names such as “Baby Monitor” and “Babysitter”.

Baby Mamster Adult Monster Best Monster Pocket Monster (T/N: Pokémon) Monster Hunter Monster Parents Bae Bae Monster Baby Monitor Babysitter

Some people have reacted to this list with amusement, while others seem to not realize that the names seem to be a joke. Others have also shared their own fandom name ideas!

What do you think BABYMONSTER’s fandom name should be?

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