2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Surprises “Vincenzo” Fans By Reuniting With Co-Star At 2024 ASEA

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Surprises “Vincenzo” Fans By Reuniting With Co-Star At 2024 ASEA

Vincenzo fans were treated to a mini-reunion!

The 2021 tvN K-Drama Vincenzo, starring Song Joong Ki as the titular character, was a massive hit.

During a visit to his motherland, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer gives a conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice.

— Netflix

“Vincenzo” poster

Vincenzo was especially well-loved due to its ensemble cast. Viewers couldn’t even completely hate the villain, Jang Jun Woo/Jang Han Seok, portrayed by the lovable 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon.

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon

On April 10, Taecyeon hosted The 2024 Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA) alongside Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri in Japan.

Taecyeon (left) and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri (right)

This wasn’t the only reunion we got that night! Taecyeon uploaded a selfie with his Vincenzo co-star Jeon Yeo Been (also romanized as Jeon Yeo Bin). He captioned it, “Jun Woo and Cha Young, it has been a long time,” referring to their characters.

Taecyeon (left) and Jeon Yeo Bin (right)

Until Taecyeon’s big villain reveal, he was the adorkable intern of Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been). In that short time, we got to see their undeniable chemistry!

| tvN

Vincenzo fans were delighted to see the two reunite after so long. They’re living for the crumbs!

“Junwoo and Chayoung, long time no see”

THIS CAPTION IM CRYING MY VINCENZO HEART #JeonYeobeen #OkTaecyeon#ASEA #ASEA2024 pic.twitter.com/U2l3YpNqMy

— 𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐩𝐬 (@yeobeenloops) April 10, 2024


junwoo chayoung it has been a long time

THANK YOU KING#2PM #TAECYEON pic.twitter.com/41zihuby5b

— taec ily (@only_oktaec) April 10, 2024

she posted too with junwoo chayoung caption GOD VINCENZO SEASON 2 WHEN pic.twitter.com/sp5Wyr8AlW

— ria #QueenofTears (@vincensus) April 10, 2024


ok taecyeon’s igs: “Jung Woo Cha Young, long time no see” pic.twitter.com/C2mtAHWigG

— ria #QueenofTears (@vincensus) April 10, 2024

Fans even wish for a Season 2, but it’s unlikely Taecyeon’s character survived.

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