TXT’s Individual Fancams For “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” Have Drastically Different Views

TXT’s Individual Fancams For “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” Have Drastically Different Views

A couple of days ago, TXT released a performance video for a B-side track off of their latest album, “I’ll See You There Tomorrow”.

The full group version of the performance has already reached nearly one million views, showing the popularity and success that TXT has built for themselves at this point in their career.

However, netizens have found the views on their individual fancams from the performance to be suspiciously different between the members.


At this time, the viewcounts from least to most are TaehyunHueningkaiBeomgyuSoobin, and Yeonjun. And while some differences in viewcounts are expected in any K-Pop group, the gap between two of the member and the rest is just unusually drastic.

Yeonjun and Soobin have about 290k and 201k views respectively, while Beomgyu has 37k, Hueningkai has 11k, and Taehyun has 10k. Considering that these videos were only released yesterday, numbers in the 100,000s just seem unlikely to begin with. And some netizens have mentioned that Yeonjun’s video went up 70k views in just a half-hour, which is definitely suspicious.

Additionally, the likes-to-views ratio on Soobin and Yeonjun’s videos seem off too. While they each have 16k-18k likes for the number of views that they have…

Beomgyu, with his 37k views, has 5.8k likes, which is a much higher ratio.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to these views, with suspicions that they’re being bought by solo stans trying to inorganically inflate view numbers.

Do you think that fans (allegedly) buying views is an issue?

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