This lesser known streaming platform will soon beat Disney+

This lesser known streaming platform will soon beat Disney+

A new streaming platform is surging ahead of its rivals and will soon beat Disney+ in streaming, according to a new report.

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Free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) has been on the rise, and one of these called Tubi – which is owned by Fox – is now outstripping its competitors.

A report from Bloomberg showed that viewers are spending more time watching Tubi than Paramount Plus. The number of people viewing Tubi has spiked in the last year, from one to 1.7 per cent in the last year. Bloomberg suggests if the trend continues, Tubi could surpass Disney+.

One of the big advantages with Tubi is that it is free, which could account for the rise at a time when streaming platforms are increasing their subscription rates.

The prices of streaming services have also increased dramatically in recent years, with companies like Netflix and Disney+ now offering ad-supported tiers in order to keep their prices competitive against the growing competition.

In the UK, there are some free streaming options like Channel 4, My5, ITVX and BBC iPlayer (BBC licence fee aside).

The next cheapest is the ad-supported subscription plans on Netflix and Disney+, which both cost £4.99 a month. These tiers allow you to stream on two devices at once, but only Netflix allows you to download shows on this tier.

For the same price, you can also get a basic subscription to Crunchyroll or subscribe to movie streaming services like Shudder, StudioCanal and Arrowhead.

Above that is Britbox for £5.99, which can be accessed through ITVX. Paramount+, meanwhile, is available at a monthly cost of £6.99.

At the upper end of the spectrum is Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video, which both cost £8.99 a month.

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