The Final Hours of The Jacka

February 2nd 2015 the Bay Area was about to lose one of the most treasured persons in their area. Some knew him by his real name Dominic Newton, but he was widely known as the rising rapper, The Jacka.

When it came to talent, he was one of the best representing his city, but what made him even more of a legend not only to the music industry, but to the Bay Area, was who he was as a human being (42:57-43:03) From strangers, fans, to friends, to family, it was a collective perception and feeling about him, he was a man with a heart of gold that genuinely cared and showed everyone love (2:51-2:57) (4:13-5:03) (5:30-6:00) (8:37-8:53) (19:38-20:00) (25:04-25:19) (27:22-28:02)

The Jacka believed in life being about how you treated others and proclaimed that message in the way he lived (1:39-2:11).

But, he was also the product of an environment that influenced a lifestyle of crime and violence 

and Jacka didn’t shy away from speaking on that reality through his music and in interviews (17:20-17:50)

It was the life that many peers and youths were facing, and he used his music to impact upon those that endured and is enduring, while also sharing uplifting messages and guidance through the lessons of his religion of Islam (9:44-11:33)

It appeared that The Jacka was one of a kind, he knew the rough background of crime but also had wisdom to help move the world forward. His music was respected and rising to the top. From his viral single “Glamorous Lifestyle” featuring Andre Nickatina 

to projects like The Jack Artist

And Tear Gas

to name a few, The Jacka was climbing further into stardom with his talent on the mic and charismatic persona able to warm the hearts of everyone he came into contact with. In December of 2014, he would release the body of work titled, “What Happened to the World (Street Album)”

It was a grand time. On December 8th 2014, The Jacka would post to his Instagram account with a picture of a fan-made post stating it was the first album he ever purchased. The Jacka would show his appreciation for his fans in the post with many of the comments in agreement that the album was a masterpiece 

Throughout the remainder of the year into 2015, The Jacka would repost reviews from fans who support his career and the latest project. It was all love, The Jacka was the talk of the town 

The Jacka was poised to be one of hip hops artists to rise to the top. Sadly, before he could reach to that destined level, tragedy struck, snatching his future from within the palms of his hands. Monday, February 2nd 2015, The Jacka would be in East Oakland, more specifically at the 94th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard. It was nighttime and The Jacka was in a van with a group of seven to eight friends doing what he loved best, indulging in music. However, at around 8:15pm, while his group of friends were inside the van, The Jacka would step outside on the sidewalk as recalled by his friend, Reggie Grant who lived across the street where the van was parked. 

According to him, that’s when bullets began flying.

It was appeared to be within the fraction of a second, The Jacka was hit. Grant would witness the ordeal, seeing The Jacka being wounded with a bullet to the head 

and a neighbor rushing with a towel to try and control the bleeding.

Others at the scene would try their best to do what they could to keep The Jacka alive until asostance arrived (1:07-1:14) 

Oakland Police reported that officers were in the area at the time when they heard gunshots. Patrol units soon arrived to find Newton aka The Jacka suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

Time was of the essence if there was any hope to save what little life was left in the Bay Area rapper. He was rushed to Eden Medical Central in Castro Valley, but the wound was fatal and The Jacka succumbed to his injury.

Police officers would confirm that The Jacka was the only one out of the group that was hit in the gunfire, and they narrowed down the category of weapon used to that of a high-power weapon.

The news would ripple throughout the Bay Area sending shockwaves of grief to the region, the fans, and the music industry (0:00-0:17) (1:48-1:55) (0:10-0:17) (0:56-1:06) (0:00-0:12)

An outpour of condolences and emotions would flood the internet over the loss of someone they cherished, respected, and loved. From famous rappers to the civilians in the community, persons from all walks of life collectively mourned the passing of someone they agreed was talented and had a big heart.

With no suspect or motive known for the murder, police were on the trail to gather information as fast as they could to resolve the heartbreaking tragedy and provide some comfort to loved ones and fans of the rapper. To that end, law enforcement officials broadcasted a reward of $20,000 for information in the case.

Even then, the mystery prolonged as time passed without any arrests for the homicide. To this day, no one has been publicly brought to justice for the death of The Jacka, but many speculate the reason for that isn’t because authorities have no suspect, but because there is no suspect to be had. The Jacka lived by the rules of the streets and was well respected as well to those who walked the path of that life. The speculations suggest that the case is unsolved in the court of law but solved in the court of the streets because retaliation has already been exacted on those who took the life of The Jacka by those who thought highly of the Bay Area native.

What’s even more disheartening, is that information would later be made public, insinuating that The Jacka wasn’t even the intended target but was just at the wrong place at the wrong time when bullets began flying (2:00-2:11)

Later in a VLAD TV interview, a close friend of The Jacka, J Stalin would speak on his passing.

According to him, the bullet that ended the life of The Jacka wasn’t meant for him. It was allegedly for someone in the group that he was jamming out to music with at the time in the van and they came for them and it just so happened The Jacka was outside and in the way of the bullets when shots began to spray (0:56-1:11) 

Knowing that his life was snuffed away when he wasn’t even the target, makes the situation even more regrettable. The Bay Area lost someone that was taking the world by storm and opening so many doors for other artists in the region. The Jacka was using his rise to help and motivate others. He was just a kid trying to make it out of the harsh environments he was raised in and take as many people as he could with him. Music became that outlet and he pursued it with all his heart at the young age of 9 (0:19-2:10)

He didn’t have the easiest childhood. His father was a gangster that did his best to try and make a better way for his family, but that lifestyle caught up to him and he was sentenced to 15 years behind bars which left The Jacka’s mother alone to take up the strain of raising him (3:38-4:05) At 18 years old, The Jacka himself served time at the Martinez Detention Facility after being convicted in the year 2000 for grand theft and armed robbery. According to NBC Bay Area, it was there, that he earned his nickname, “The Jacka” referring to his charges of carjacking and stealing.

Prior to that, he would go by the name Shaheed Akbar

Still, even with his background and rough upbringing, he pursued his dreams and was living it. He formed the rap collective known as Mob Figaz with other talented Emcees that released renowned albums like “C-Bo’s Mob Figaz” (3:40-4:10)

Both within the group and as a solo artist, The Jacka was gaining momentum in the industry. He was building himself up to pave the way for other artists and started his own label named The Artist Records, it’s sad he never got to build it to its full potential (5:55-6:05) 

To this day, The Jacka continues to be missed and mourned by those dear to him like his close friend and collaborator Freeway who released joint projects with The Jacka like “Highway Robbery” and “Write My Wrongs” (3:49-4:20) (1:35-2:30)

A mural was painted at the street where he lost his life, and the community renamed the street 94th and Jacka in his memory (1:53-1:57)

Gon far too soon from this world. The Jacka is survived by his wife and kids. Rest in peace The Jacka (32:03-32:42)

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