Texas Post-Punkers Blood Bells Fuel the Fire With “Holy Spirit (Communion)”

I’ve got a personal diety, a holy spirit.

With their pure post-punk sound, the Texas-based band, Blood Bells, return with a music video for “Holy Spirit (Communion).” The track, in all its unwavering force, calls back to the days of positive punk, when bands such as Sex Gang Children and Death Cult mixed the ammo of punk with the solemnity and dramaticism of bands such as Bauhaus. Clint Jerome’s vocals echo the stern melancholy of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry‘s Mark Sweeny, while the ferocity of the song is akin to Killing Joke‘s Revelations album. Stripped down to the most intrinsic of elements, Blood Bells are turning back the clock to a time when simplicity was sacred and bands were fueled on pure raw power.

The music video for “Holy Spirit (Communion)” reflects the organic themes of their album, Now the Dawn, set deep in the woods, far from the bustle of society. They’ve gone back to the basics.

Watch below:

Now the Dawn, was released in November of 2023 and is a concoction of no frills, defiant post-punk music. You can buy it here.

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