Photos From NewJeans’ Debut Stage Go Viral Almost Two Years Later

Photos From NewJeans’ Debut Stage Go Viral Almost Two Years Later

It’s hard to believe that NewJeans debuted nearly two years ago now, back in August 2022! They’ve made such a huge impact on the K-Pop industry in such a short period of time, and their debut remains one of the most iconic and successful in recent K-Pop history.

Despite it being over a year and a half since the group debuted, photos from their first performances of “Attention” have recently been gaining attention all over again and going viral on social media. While the songs they debuted with were incredibly catchy and continue to be loved by K-Pop fans worldwide, it’s their styling that has had people reminiscing about these days — and in particular, their hair.

NewJeans’ members drew a lot of attention and appreciation for their long, natural-colored locks during their debut stages, especially with how much energy and elegance it added to their performances. This collage of the five members is the one that is going viral on social media.

It’s a great example of using “hairography” to enhance a performance, and there are plenty of other pictures from these stages that showcase the members’ beauty and energy!

Haerin (NewJeans) Hyein (NewJeans) Minji (NewJeans) Hanni (NewJeans) Danielle (NewJeans)

At this time, the tweet with the collage has over 1.2 million views, 19k likes, and 24k retweets.

지금봐도 멤버전원 붙임머리 없이 자연 생머리로
저 기장까지 길러서 데뷔시킨게 제정신이 아닌
데뷔였던 것 같음

— 틴아 (@heynowwell) April 5, 2024

Here is how people are reacting to the iconic throwback images!

It truly was a debut that will remain a turning point in K-Pop history!

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