[Photo Gallery] AleXa “sick of you” Tour in Atlanta

[Photo Gallery] AleXa “sick of you” Tour in Atlanta
Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong // KpopWise
AleXa visits Atlanta for the third time, but this time bringing a jam-packed setlist and enough energy to fuel fans excitement and emotions the whole night through. Previously having visited for a fan sign, she knew what to expect from vibrant Atlanta fans and was ready to fuel the fire. Thanks to Studio PAV and one of Atlanta’s more unique venues, The Masquerade, AleXa was able to bring her intoxicating energy to more A.I. Troopers (fandom name).

Each note hit with precision and passion, AleXa shows her diverse singing abilities in different styles like the more bubblegum K-pop genre of Endorphine to the more heart-wrenching ballad style of her 2023 self-written single, Juliet. One thing is for sure, anyone in attendance could feel her emotions conveyed through her vocals and dance. Her dancers cannot go unmentioned either, as they truly brought a fun presence to the stage and assisted in painting a beautiful picture behind AleXa’s lyrics. 

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong // KpopWise

After some time showcasing her naturally powerful vocals, AleXa spent time with her fans through a segment called “Love Talk,” donning adorable angel wings and settling into her “K-pop Bestie” persona she often has when talking candidly with her fans. Attendees were able to learn a bit more about lore behind some of her music and even have a live advice column where she answered previously submitted fan questions. 

Covering NO DOUBT’s I’m Just a Girl, and encouraging further fan involvement, truly set the night alight for how fans would join in on the rest of her discography. 

AleXa continuously keeps it real and interactive for herself and her A.I Troopers, taking breaks between each song not only to take a moment to breathe but to check in. Creating such a welcoming and energizing atmosphere is an incredibly unique concert experience where anyone would be sure to find joy and a nice break from reality.

Check out more photos of the night below:

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