Netizens Strongly Disapprove Of The Rumored Partner Of Beloved Korean Celebrity

Netizens Strongly Disapprove Of The Rumored Partner Of Beloved Korean Celebrity

When it comes to the personal lives of Korean celebrities, the court of public opinion can be brutal at times. Recently, when pictures of the speculated partner of a beloved people’s princess went viral online, netizens did not hold back any punches about his visuals.

The celebrity in question, is none other than Fu Bao, the giant female panda born in Everland amusement park in South Korea. As the first ever panda born in the country, Fu Bao enjoyed the public’s affection that could put any other public figure to shame. The giant panda even has her own dedicated fansites and recently, when she was transported to China, her parents’ country, fans were seen shedding tears as they bid her farewell.

One of the reasons why Fu Bao was sent to China was for natural breeding. While it is being reported that Fu Bao will not partake in the mating activities this year, she is expected to do so the following year. The speculated mating partner of Fu Bao is a giant panda from France named Wi Ahn Mung.

Wi Ahn Mung | Nate Pann | Nate Pann | Nate Pann

Recently, a netizen posted pictures of Wi Ahn Mung on an online community, drawing polarizing reactions from others. Many felt that Wi was too “ugly” to be the partner of their beloved Fu Bao.

| Nate Pann “Why (did they choose) a beggar like that?” “I Googled him thinking maybe they posted only the ugly pictures on purpose to be malicious, but it turns out he was ugly since he was a baby.” “Oh my…why does he look like an ahjussi TT? It feels like they’re marrying off our Fu princess to a roadside drunkard TT.” “This is the first time I felt an animal looked like a beggar.”

Some, however, also defended the panda from the slander, highlighting how shallow it was to criticize an animal based on appearance.

| Nate Pann “He is younger than Fu Bao and was so popular in France that the First Lady even became his godmother. His nickname was ‘Little Prince.’ Just like Fu Bao is precious to our people, Wi Ahn Mung is also the same to French people. So, please, don’t say anything rude. I personally thought he was really cute in this picture. Fu Bao is really pretty, but so is he.” | Nate Pann “Wi Ahn Mung is cute. Don’t criticize him based on just those kinds of photos.” “F*ck. Now you guys are criticizing animals’ faces, too, LOL. They’re the same species, and they’re just pandas. Why are you guys behaving like this?”

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