Netizens Can’t Stop Smiling After Seeing Newborn Baby’s Reaction To RIIZE’s Songs

Netizens Can’t Stop Smiling After Seeing Newborn Baby’s Reaction To RIIZE’s Songs

Recently, a video of a fan’s baby reacting to RIIZE’s songs has gained much attention online. Although this might surprise some people, it’s popular among K-Pop fans. In Korea, pregnant women practice taegyo, which is prenatal care that the mother practices to bring good influence to the baby while it is in the womb.

In the viral video, a mother, who is a K-Pop fan, shares the reaction of her baby listening to RIIZE’s songs. The post states that it’s because the mom listened to many of their songs throughout her pregnancy, thus becoming a familiar sound to the baby.

this newborn baby listens to RIIZE songs (GAG, Love 119, and Siren) and look at the baby’s expression omggg

this all bc the mother listened to RIIZE songs during her prenatal education and the way the father also laughed and happy oh my i rlly like this briize couple

— 샨 (@syanriize) April 8, 2024

In the video, the baby is seen smilling every time a RIIZE song is played. Netizens and fans couldn’t help but smile at this adorable reaction.

Me as a mom

— 작곡가누나 (@composernoona) April 9, 2024

태어나자마자 브리즈가 되…

— 블링 (@briize020302) April 9, 2024

This baby is BRIIZE as soon as it’s born…

나의 미래 자녀에게 꼭 해주고싶다
케이팝 조기교육

— 두시 (@onnanocodesu) April 9, 2024

I want to do this for my future kids. K-Pop early education.

헐.. 신기하당

— (@akazzanng) April 9, 2024

Wow..that’s so amazing.

라이즈 이거 꼭 봐주세요

— (@brachiio_) April 9, 2024

I wish RIIZE would see this video!

Well, it looks like this mother is going to have a future BRIIZE child to enjoy K-Pop with when they get older!

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