NCT’s Jaemin Earns Praise For His “Cut” After Bulking Up

NCT’s Jaemin Earns Praise For His “Cut” After Bulking Up

For the past couple of weeks, NCT DREAM has been busy promoting their latest album, DREAM()SCAPE, and its respective title track “Smoothie”.

Though the song wasn’t to everyone’s taste, as it was quite a bit different than the majority of the group’s music, it has still performed well for NCT DREAM, and the members look just as great as always!

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One member that has been getting a particularly high amount of attention is Jaemin, who went white-blond for this comeback and is definitely rocking the color.

Jaemin (NCT)

But it’s not just his hair that has been getting him attention for his appearance. Some fans think that Jaemin has recently “cut” after bulking up, a process that is supposed to trim a person’s figure without losing muscle mass.

Jaemin has always been a perfect mix of handsome and pretty, and his current visuals are no exception to that!

The above photos were shared on an online forum post discussing Jaemin’s current figure, though they don’t quite show just how impressive Jaemin’s build is like the following images do.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to Jaemin’s beauty!

Jaemin definitely seems to be someone that takes great care of his fitness, and the results show!

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