Legendary Idol Loses Memory Due To Trauma From Vicious Anti-Fans

Legendary Idol Loses Memory Due To Trauma From Vicious Anti-Fans

Baby V.O.X‘s Miyoun revealed that she has lost her memory due to trauma from malicious comments.


Recently, Miyoun appeared on Channel S‘s Noldun Unnie 2 (Romanized from 놀던언니2). During the episode, Miyeon spoke about her days as one of Korea’s most controversial idols.

Baby V.O.X | Naver

Miyeon was part of Baby V.O.X, one of the biggest groups from K-Pop’s first generation. The group’s popularity, however, was short-lived when Miyoun was swept up in a scandal with H.O.T.‘s leader Moon Hee Joon. Due to the scandal, the group became an instant target of angry fans and was known to have 2 million anti-fans.

Moon Hee Jun (top)

On this day, Miyoun spoke about the difficulties from that part of her life that has traumatized her to this day.

Channel S

I was a young teenager. Although I am fine now, at the time, I’d get afraid if I even looked at a school uniform.

— Miyoun

Fellow member Kim E-Z, who was also on the episode, then shared a scary account when anti-fans blocked the group into a store.

I remember Miyoun and I went to a store to buy our CEO a birthday present and over 200 anti-fans surrounded the store and tried to break the door and windows.

— Kim E-Z

Miyoun then followed up by making a sad revelation and shared that due to the trauma, she didn’t remember much from her idol days.

Channel S

I have almost no memory from my 20s-30s.

— Miyoun

Meanwhile, despite her painful past, Miyoun is still keeping Baby V.O.X’s legacy alive. You can read more about the group in the link below.

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