K-Pop & K-Drama Stars’ Pregnancy and Childbirth Announcements – April 2024

K-Pop & K-Drama Stars’ Pregnancy and Childbirth Announcements – April 2024


Over the last decade, fans have learned to accept that K-pop and K-drama stars are also human with desires for relationships and families. The celebrities have also been courageous enough to choose their spouses, including non-celebrities, which has earned them more respect and admiration from fans.  With tight schedules and the weight of stardom on their shoulders, starting a family is a heavy matter with a lot of sacrifices. Moreover, given the overwhelming difficulties surrounding the pregnancy process, the news of these stars becoming fathers and mothers is a joy to behold. Here are some of the K-Pop and K-drama celebrities who’ve announced the pregnancy or birth of their bundle of joys alongside their partners as of April 2024.


1. SECHSKIES’s Jang Su Won

Jang Su Won’s dream of becoming a father is finally falling into place. The SECHSKIES band member walked down the aisle with his girlfriend, iconic stylist Ji Sang Eun, back in 2021. The confident and unapologetic YG Entertainment star once commented about their journey with IVF treatment in a bid to become parents. Fans applauded Jang Su Won for his bravery and an inspiration to those going through the same path. After 3 years of waiting, the couple’s dream finally became a reality. Jang Su Won’s wife posted photos of the ultrasound images in March 12, 2024 confirming that they were finally pregnant. Ji Sang Eun applauded her husband for being her rock and the medical team who were with them through the IVF journey.


2. Park Soo Hong

The legendary comedian and presenter is finally enjoying life’s good side after an emotionally draining family feud last year.  Park Soo Hong and his supportive life-partner Kim Da Ye are finally going to become parents after 3 years of marriage. The couple registered their marriage in July 2021 and held a wedding ceremony in December 2022. Kim Da Ye shared a heartfelt pregnancy announcement post of the couple’s YouTube channel where they have shared their IVF journey with fans.  Kim Da Ye highlighted that this new blessing will be a relief and a source of joy and comfort, especially to her husband who’s been in pain caused by those closest to him. The announcement was made on March 18, 2024.


3. Actress Bae Seul Gi 

The “Oasis” actress created an internet frenzy when she shared news of her pregnancy on her vlog. Bae Seul Gi got married to Lee Seon, a YouTuber, back in 2020. After 4 years of marriage, the couple announced that they are expecting their first child on Bae Seul Gi’s “Shy Confession” YouTube channel. The actress expressed her joy of finally venturing into the motherhood journey with her supportive husband.  Bae Seul Gi went ahead to share the incoming blessing’s nickname, Leeseul, which is a combination of both partners’ names.  The announcement was made in March 17, 2024.


4. Actress Cha Chung Hwa

Cha Chung Hwa, known for her impeccable acting skills including in “My Demon” and “Crash Landing On You” dramas, has joined the coveted motherhood league. Cha Chung Hwa recently tied the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend in October 2023. Her agency, IOK Company, confirmed the exciting news of her pregnancy through an official statement released in January 24 2024.


5. Actress Yoon Jin Seo

Yoon Jin Seo, the “A Model Family” and “Secret Love” actress, if now a proud mother after 6 years of marriage. The star tied the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend back in 2017. Big Picture Entertainment, Jin Seo’s agency, shared the exciting news of her pregnancy last year in July. In January 9 2023, the agency confirmed that the actress and her husband are now parents to a beautiful girl.


6. Former TAHITI member Jisoo

Jisoo, the former TAHITI girl group member, is enjoying the motherhood phase of life. Jisoo, who left TAHITI group in 2017 and got married to her non-celebrity boyfriend in 2021, announced that she was pregnant in June 2023. In January 2 2024, Jisoo shared that she is finally a mother to a boy. The star when to thank the fans for their unwavering support through the whole pregnancy journey.


7. U-KISS’s Hoon and Hwang Ji Seon

Former Girl’s Day member Hwang Ji Seon and her husband, U-KISS’s Hoon are the newest parent in town. The couple tied the knot May 2022. In October 2022, Hoon announced that he was becoming a father as he flaunted an ultrasound photo of the baby. In January 2 2024, Tango Music, Hoons ‘agency, confirmed that Hoon was officially a father to a bouncing baby boy.


8. Former Sugar member Ayumi

The iconic K-Pop star’s desire of having a family is finally becoming a reality. Ayumi, the former Sugar band member, got married to her business man husband in October 2022.  In January 9 2024, Ayumi took to Instagram sharing that she is 5-months. The actress went on to express her joy in motherhood and even shared the nickname of her incoming blessing, “Lucky Eggplant”. Ayumi’s agency, Bonboo ENT, confirmed that the star is expected to give birth in June 2024.



9. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In

K-drama icons Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In are officially parents. The couple confirmed their relation in May 2021 and walked down the aisle in April 2022. Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Human Made, confirmed the arrival of the couple’s daughter and first child in February 5, 2024. Lee Seung Gi, the celebrated singer, actor, host, and entertainer, has finally added the best title of being a father to his name. The legendary Lee Da In, whose biological parents were both renown actors and hails from the Hwanggan Kyeon clan through her maternal side, has also finally embarked on a motherhood journey which she has eagerly awaited.



10. Former Gymnast Son Yeon Jae

The former Olympian gymnast is finally a mother. Son Yeon Jae got married to her non-celebrity boyfriend back in August 2022. The champion became a hot topic last year when she announced she is expectant in an interview with JTC. On February 20, 2024, Son Yeon Jae’s agency, Next Euphoria, shared a heartwarming announcement indicating that the former Olympian had safely given birth to a baby boy. Son Yeon has been nurturing the younger generation through a gymnastics academy she became involved in after retiring in 2017.


11. Boom

TN Entertainment, Boom’s agency, surprised fans with the news of Boom’s newly acquired ‘dad’ title.  Boom is known for his hosting and entertaining skills including in “Amazing Saturday” variety show. Boom tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend in April last year. The arrival of this couple’s baby girl was announced in March 22, 2024.


12. Sleepy

The former Untouchable duo band member shared his exciting new journey as a father through his Instagram page. Sleepy, who formed his PVO Entertainment agency upon leaving TS Entertainment, is a renown soloist rapper whose contributions in Korean entertainment’s hip-hop industry is highly appreciated. Sleepy, who doesn’t shy off from flaunting his beautiful family announced shared a sonogram picture of their long-awaited baby back in November 2023. Sleepy broke the news about the arrival of their beautiful baby girl in March 29, 2024.

We want to wish each couple the best and much happiness with their family life and career.


—-Makena Mwenda


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