Drake Not Planning On Taking J. Cole’s Apologetic Route With Kendrick Lamar

Drake Not Planning On Taking J. Cole’s Apologetic Route With Kendrick Lamar

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Over the weekend, J. Cole made news not only for dropping a new diss record aimed at Kendrick Lamar, but ultimately apologizing to K. Dot as Cole regretted even going that route.

This was on the board backstage w Drake for his shows on his latest tour. TRUST…. Ain’t no apology coming . The boy ready for all pic.twitter.com/DSSMhEfFgu

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) April 9, 2024

Naturally, fans were split on Cole’s words with some understanding Cole’s stance on beefing with his rap peer while others were upset that the Might Delete Later artist would cheat everyone out of a highly-anticipated rap battle. All the while Kendrick’s other target, Drake, has remained mum on a response to K. Dot’s shots on “Like That.” He did, however, react to J. Cole’s shocking apology.

According to TMZ, the King of the North isn’t planning on falling back from the impending rap battle like his “First Person Shooter” partner. Apparently, DJ Akademiks spoke to Drizzy about J. Cole’s decision to step back from the Kendrick Lamar beef, and after dragging Cole a new one for his apology over “7 Minute Drill,” Akademiks says he warned Drake not to follow suit.

Per TMZ:

Ak has been losing sleep on his Rumble stream ripping into Cole’s apology, but told his chat he had a long convo with Drake who scoffed at the notion of saying sorry to Kendrick.

Ak says Drake literally laughed at him when warned not to apologize like Cole, and shared an incredulous message … “I can’t f***ing believe you would say some s*** like that to me.”

Well, fans have been wondering if Drake would respond on a new record as he wasted no time clapping at Meek Mill in 2017 with “Back To Back,” but did refrain from responding to Pusha T’s scathing “Story of Adidon” in 2018. So you never really know with Drake.

With every week that passes since Future and Kendrick Lamar flamed him on “Like That,” it seems more unlikely that Drizzy will get in the booth and clap back at his competitors in the rap field.

This Nigga J Cole just gave Kendrick Lamar a bye round in the Battle.. Kendrick Don’t even gotta drop another song.. Literally the Nigga u dissed… Tried to Diss u back and APOLOGIZED for even tryna disrespect u. WTF going on. We’ve never seen this in the history of rap.

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) April 8, 2024

But if DJ Akademiks is to be believed, Drake’s putting something in the chamber and may let it off sooner… or later? We shall see.

What do y’all think? Is Drake going to respond to Kendrick Lamar or is he fronting in hopes that people just move on and forget about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Big 3 from now on is Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Future. J Cole eliminated from all hip hop conversations.. apologizing for dissing a nigga who violated u… is not hip hop.

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) April 8, 2024

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