ASAP Rocky Is So Stylish That He Makes Even Rihanna Feel ‘Bummy As Sh*t’

ASAP Rocky Is So Stylish That He Makes Even Rihanna Feel ‘Bummy As Sh*t’

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If you were making a list of the most stylish celebrity couples, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky would absolutely be on it. They may even be No. 1, but either way, they’re undoubtedly in the conversation. If you ask Rihanna, though, it’s Rocky who’s pulling most of the weight there, as she reckons his style game is far above her own, as she said in a new Interview conversation with her stylist (and Interview editor in chief) Mel Ottenberg.

Ottenberg made note of Rihanna’s earring and she revealed it was a gift from Rocky. Ottenberg then complimented Rocky’s taste and Rihanna responded, “Isn’t he the best? I be feeling bummy as sh*t next to this man. I feel like, g*ddamn, I look like his assistant. I’m getting on a plane. We should be in sweats. He wants to be in a full Bottega suit. I’m like, ‘Why you got to do that to me?’”

INTERVIEW. spring 2024 @rihanna

— Interview Magazine (@InterviewMag) April 9, 2024

Ottenberg then wondered if there’s “a little competition for the looks” between the two and Rihanna replied, “No. It’s more like I spend my time getting the kids dressed to death, and then I’m like, ‘What’s the most comfortable outfit to wear around them? What’s not going to feel uncomfortable on their face or on their body or make me feel like I can’t hold them properly?’ Moms are lazy dressers in real life.”

Check out the full interview here.

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