2nd Generation Idol Faces Backlash For Using Lee Sun Kyun’s Name In An Unrelated Statement

2nd Generation Idol Faces Backlash For Using Lee Sun Kyun’s Name In An Unrelated Statement

Junyoung, a member of the second-generation boy group ZE: A, is facing heat for using the later actor Lee Sun Kyun’s name in an Instagram story.

Junyoung | @zeafter/Instagram

On April 8, KST, Junyoung took to his social media to post a notice announcing his intention to take legal action against individuals disseminating false news and posting harmful, malicious content. The announcement came days after the idol shared that he is getting married this September.

The notice mentioned that Junyoung has already initiated legal measures against high school students who spread unverified information online. The announcement further explained that even if spreading false information does not amount to defamation for certain users, they will be individually held accountable for obstructing business

While the cut-throat notice is a much-welcome measure against online hate, Junyoung invited some harsh criticism because of the hashtag he used with the statement. At the top of the Instagram story, he wrote Lee Sun Kyun’s name as the tag. Lee passed away last December, opening up a huge discourse about the dissemination of unverified information online, which many believe contributed to the actor’s death.

Lee Sun Kyun | @@hoduent/Instagram

For obvious reasons, netizens felt that Jungyoung had crossed a line by mentioning the deceased actor in the post, which was otherwise completely unrelated to him.

| Nate News “He crossed the line.” “Instead of mentioning the deceased, just get married quickly.” “Usually foolish people are also the courageous ones.” “I am not sure who he is, but why is he rushing ahead alone like that? Whether you get married or not, do whatever you want, but quietly. Don’t drag the deceased into this.” “How bad are the rumors that he is going to that extent…” “Wow…what is this? Has he lost his mind?”

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