“You Two Should Date”: Lim Ji Yeon’s Drunk Photos With “The Glory” Co-Star Become A Hot Topic

“You Two Should Date”: Lim Ji Yeon’s Drunk Photos With “The Glory” Co-Star Become A Hot Topic

Lim Ji Yeon took to social media on April 8 to share a series of candid snapshots featuring herself and Cha Joo Young. The pair, both radiant and seemingly in high spirits, captured the essence of friendship with their lighthearted and slightly tipsy selfies.

| @limjjy2/Instagram

The caption, hinting at their eventful night out, left little to the imagination about the nature of their gathering.

The smell of alcohol.

— Lim Ji Yeon via Instagram

| @limjjy2/Instagram 

Lim Ji Yeon and Cha Joo Young, who shared the screen in the Netflix hit series The Glory in 2022, have continued to demonstrate the depth of their bond well beyond the show’s conclusion. Their frequent dates, often highlighted by moments of shared laughter over drinks, stand as proof of a close friendship.

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The glimpses into their friendship that they offer the public are always well received. Among the sea of comments, suggestions for the duo to consider dating have emerged, alongside playful requests for invitations to their gatherings.

“Honestly, you two should just date.” “Can I please join you?” “A lovely gathering of drinking buddies.” “Ji Yeon and Joo Young meeting up again.” | @limjjy2/Instagram

Despite the playful dating suggestions, Lim Ji Yeon is currently in a public relationship with Lee Do Hyun, another The Glory co-star. With Lee currently serving his military duty, his recent leave period featured a much-talked-about brunch date with Lim Ji Yeon. The date coincided with the release of Pamyo — a film the actor completed prior to his enlistment.

As Lim Ji Yeon and Cha Joo Young continue to share moments from their so-called drinking traditions, they not only make sure to keep their close-knit friendship going but also fill netizens with positive vibes at the same time. You can read more about Lim and Cha’s drinking dates here:

K-Drama’s Most Hated Bullies Get Reunited In Drunk Selfies

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