Shocking Photos Of Beloved Dating Show Contestants Go Viral

Shocking Photos Of Beloved Dating Show Contestants Go Viral

I Am Solo contestants were spotted together.

Ok Soon | @p._.serendipity/Instagram Sang Chul

On April 8, news reports stated that two I Am Solo contestants, Sang Chul and Ok Soon, from the show’s 19th class, were seen together. According to reports, netizens uploaded photos of the two together to online communities.

Other netizens also uploaded evidence of the two spending time together.

Ok Soon alleged to have been pictured with Sang Chul’s bag | Wikitree

Although fans are appreciative of the show’s characters’ real-life relationship off-camera, Sang Chul and Ok Soon’s 19th class has not finished airing their episode, meaning the alleged couple may have spoiled their arc for audiences.

Meanwhile, I Am Solo is arguably the most popular dating show in Korea. The show is known for its candid and often unflattering portrayal of love and its contestants. Check out the trailer for the show’s 19th class in the link below.

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