‘MaXXXine’ trailer teases end to Ti West’s acclaimed horror trilogy

‘MaXXXine’ trailer teases end to Ti West’s acclaimed horror trilogy

The official trailer for MaXXXine has just dropped, and it promises a violent, mysterious and action-packed ending to Ti West’s popular horror trilogy.

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The third installment in West’s horror series starring English actor Mia Goth is set to be released in July, and is set about six years after the events of X.

The trilogy began in 2022 with X, the slasher film which follows the cast and crew working on a pornographic film in Texas who find themselves threatened by a homicidal an elderly couple.

Released six months later was Pearl, which told the origin story for the villain who would commit violent murderous acts at her Texan family home in 1918.

Now, a direct sequel to X is underway, with Goth reprising her role as Maxine Minx, and co-producing the film.

The trailer shows former porn-star Maxine attempting to start a career as an actress in movies. Set in 1980s Los Angeles, the film is set to explore Maxine’s journey to fame and success, as well as her attempt to avoid a serial killer attacking people in Hollywood.

The film, which has been produced by the studio known for Hereditary and Midsommar, as well as the previous two films in the trilogy, A24.

The cast features a number of major Hollywood stars, including The Crown’s Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Monaghan and Bobby Cannavale, along with appearances from Lily Collins, Halsey, Kevin Bacon and Giancarlo Esposito.

The trilogy has been highly critically acclaimed, with Goth’s performance receiving high praise. In a five-star review of Pearl, NME wrote: “Mixing comedy and tragedy with an edge of something genuinely unsettling (as well as nailing an uncut six-minute monologue, and even more unforgettable final shot), Goth’s Oscar snub feels like horror’s biggest slap in the face yet.”

Back in January, Goth was sued by a background actor on the film for allegedly kicking him in the head while filming the upcoming slasher.

James Hunter claimed that the actor intentionally kicked him, and that he suffered a concussion following the incident.

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