Makeup Lovers Are Dying To Know What Highlighter TXT’s Soobin Uses On His Face

Makeup Lovers Are Dying To Know What Highlighter TXT’s Soobin Uses On His Face

Although K-Pop idols are known mostly for their songs, performances, and fan service, they are also gaining attention for their makeup and fashion style. Recently, TXT’s Soobin garnered much popularity from makeup lovers for the amazing highlighter used on his face.

올해 본 영상중에 가장 간절하게 하이라이터 정보가 알고싶음

— 엥 (@an1ndeyo) April 6, 2024

Out of all the videos I’ve seen this year, I desperately want to know what highlighter he used here.

This post gained much traction with fans searching left and right for the brand and how to get it to look like him.

[25] the highlighter on soobin has people on kside searching for the brand or tutorials how to get the highlighter color with og tweet from the fansite has 800k + views

— ☆ (@trendsoob) April 7, 2024

Makeup fans began searching to see which higlighter it could be, and these are some of the contenders!

Kaleidos- The Space Age Highlighter Multichrome

리과님 찬스로 구매하게된 칼레이도스 멀티크롬 하이라이터… 아주 번쩍거립니다
멀티크롬이라 각도에 따라 색이 변하는 타입이고… 아주 쨍한 색. 실물은 사진과 동영상의 중간정도.
국내에선 보기 힘든 거라 맘에듭니다… 칼레이도스 더 사고싶음

— 공해 (@softpinkbeige) January 13, 2024

GLYF Highlighter

글맆 전소미 하이라이터 도착했어요

파란색이 비교적 발색이 약하다는 후기를 봤는데, 밑줄 두 컬러가 더 고와서 투명하게 발색되는 듯 했어요!

마지막 컬러는 보랏빛이 많이 돌지 않고 클리오 페어리핑크와 비슷해보여서 비교해봤어요 (클리오가 컬러는 비슷한데, 입자가 더 크고 화려해요)

— 메이 (@may5ever) April 5, 2024

LAKA- Pink Beam

요즘 라카 핑크빔을 걍 블러셔로 쓰는중임

— 츄 츄 ྀི (@ch_uchu) November 26, 2023

Ofrah Cosmetic- Cloud 9

오프라 코스메틱 클라우드나인
핑크피치빔이라고 볼 수 있음 웜톤이 쓰기 딱 좋음 입자가 거의 미세먼지급이라 슥슥 문질러 발라도 고르게 퍼져요
2019년에 찍어둔 사진 올려봅니다

— 동백 (@asdacandy) June 20, 2022

Netizens were also curious and hoped that someone would confirm the details of the product.

Netizen comments | theqoo “Wow so pretty…please post what the product is after it’s been confirmed.” “So what product is it? I thought it was Cloud 9 but I think his has more of a purple shade.” “Wow TXT’s makeup is god-tier, especially when it comes to using highlighter. We haven’t been able to find out the products they use for over a year. Please tell us!” “Please tell us what he used! Soobin looks so beautiful in natural light.” “TXT uses highlighter so well. You need to give us the details.” “So freaking pretty, it matches him so well.” “So where is the product from?”

Hopefully Soobin or his makeup stylist will reveal it soon!

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