Loossemble’s HyeJu Sparks Concern With Gym Vlog 

Loossemble’s HyeJu Sparks Concern With Gym Vlog 

A clip of Loossemble‘s HyeJu exercising is going viral.

Loossemble’s HyeJu | CTDENM

Recently, Episode 4 “EXTENDED” of Loossemble the U.S Debut Ceremony was released via YouTube. In the video, the members are in California, and we see some exercise in the gym.

One clip from the video has circulated on social media, as fans expressed concern about HyeJu, as she was captured working out with incorrect form. As a man, believed to be her trainer, stood beside her, overseeing her workout, they wondered why he didn’t correct her form.

why isn’t her literal trainer correcting her form… https://t.co/7nIUmMfI6B

— josiahh! (@urrfavonce_) April 7, 2024

It went viral with over 2M views at the time of writing. Fans pointed out that by working out the way she was, HyeJu could have hurt herself.

Yet, in the full video, the caption revealed that the man next to HyeJu wasn’t even her trainer. He was a manager. Besides that, he actually did give her some suggestions, attempting to correct her form.

| Loossemble/YouTube

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