‘Line Of Duty’ star Martin Compston says ‘Game Of Thrones’ turned him down

‘Line Of Duty’ star Martin Compston says ‘Game Of Thrones’ turned him down

Martin Compston has revealed that he was rejected after auditioning for a role in Game Of Thrones.

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Compston, who is best-known for playing DS Steve Arnott in hit BBC series Line Of Duty spoke recently on his podcast, Restless Natives, with Daniel Portman, who played Podrick Payne in Game Of Thrones.

Speaking on the hit HBO series, Compston said: “I auditioned for the pilot and not only did I never get that, I never got an audition again.”

He continued: “That character died fairly quickly and I thought, ‘That’s good, maybe I’ll get in later’, [but] no.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Compston spoke about the finale of Line Of Duty. He began: “I remember that final night. I went for a walk when that final episode was on.

Daniel Portman on March 18, 2015 in London, England. CREDIT: Getty/Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage

“I wanted it to be done by that point, but also I just felt somebody was not going to be happy, and the negative voices are always the largest on social media.”

He continued: “I was getting people texting me,[(saying] ‘Who’s H? I’m going to put a bet on’. I’m like ‘I can’t tell you that’. That’s how stupid it gets.”

Portman empathised with Compston, after the finale of Game Of Thrones received widespread criticism from disappointed fans.

Portman said: “You’re never going to please everybody. I think they maybe could have extended it. They maybe could have given a wee bit more time for people after such a long, epic thing. It maybe felt a wee bit rushed.”

The eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones wrapped up the story in just six episodes, whereas the first six seasons had consisted of ten episodes, and the seventh, seven episodes.

“I remember after (the finale) there were petitions, and millions of signatures on these petitions, to re-do the final series. Good luck getting us all back together in Belfast for another nine months. There’s no chance.”

In 2019, director Neil Marshall admitted that the closure of the series was “really rushed” following the criticism. He said: “I kind of agree with a lot of the criticism that it was really rushed. Everyone ended up where they were meant to end up but they got there in a little bit of a rush in the end.”

Meanwhile, the official trailer for the second series of Game Of Thrones spin-off, House Of The Dragon has been released

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