Empire Of The Sun Return With New Single ‘Changes’

Empire Of The Sun Return With New Single ‘Changes’

Empire of the Sun, the alt-electro duo consisting of Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore, have returned with a new single, “Changes.” The eagerly awaited track is a triumphant rebirth after nearly eight years since their last LP. The song and its accompanying music video are out now via Capitol Records.

“Changes” ushers in a new chapter for Empire of the Sun, embodying their unwavering commitment to crafting ethereal soundscapes that resonate on levels both serious and playful.

As Lord Littlemore explained, “‘Changes’ represents the shifting sands of time, empires rise and fall but the sun shall shine on. Come once more into the world we’ve created, delve deeper within and be rewarded with its ever-expanding story, each and every one is invited to explore the new era.”

The duo also shared their insights on the genesis of “Changes”: “‘Changes’ was a breakthrough track for us. It felt like the moment of clarity when it became evident we were in the new era, our time of rebirth, the next chapter of Empire.”

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The accompanying video, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Maxxis, is an immersive journey into surreal realms. Maxxis, known for his evocative storytelling and striking visual aesthetic, collaborated closely with the band to craft a narrative that explores the power of imagination and the quest for self- discovery.

Filmed amidst the breath-taking landscapes of Thailand, Empire of the Sun and Michael Maxxis invite audiences to embark on a visually stunning, cinematic odyssey, one that will captivate and enthrall viewers with its otherworldly allure.

Empire of the Sun have left an indelible mark on the global music scene, boasting a remarkable career that has seen them sell over 5.5 million albums worldwide and accumulate a monumental 7.6 billion streams. The band’s illustrious three albums have seen multi-generational and far-reaching global success for iconic anthems including “Walking On A Dream,” “We Are The People,” “Alive,” and “High And Low.”

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