An ENHYPEN Member Changed His Hairstyle Slightly…And Got Even Hotter

An ENHYPEN Member Changed His Hairstyle Slightly…And Got Even Hotter

An ENHYPEN member is being praised for his visuals after just changing his hairstyle.

On March 31, a post on the group’s official Instagram page caught people’s attention. It featured several photos of Sunghoon and had the simple caption “fresh cut.”

Though his previous hairstyle was also long, his bangs used to be more spread out across his forehead.

Now, Sunghoon’s bangs covered most of the upper part of his face, falling over his eyes effortlessly.

The “hot student” look was perfectly embodied by the K-Pop idol, with Sunghoon donning a pair of specs.

Overall it gave him a laidback aura that matched his otherworldly visuals.

Unsurprisingly, fans were immediately shaken to their core. The comments on the post itself showed hundreds with their caps-lock on, saying they were caught off-guard by the sudden change.

Their praises ranged from exaggerating his impact (“it’s…guidelines to be this handsome“) to saying that the caption is an understatement (“‘fresh’ isn’t good enough to describe how good Sunghoon looks”) and more.

Finally, even a week later, fans are still talking about his new cut, with Korean netizens saying that “You can’t not acknowledge how handsome he looks,” “The more I look at him the more good looking he gets,” “He’s even hotter now,” and, “His vibe is legendary.”

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