4th Gen K-Pop Idol Mentions Palestinian And Non-Binary Fans During Live Broadcast

4th Gen K-Pop Idol Mentions Palestinian And Non-Binary Fans During Live Broadcast

8TURN (previously known as BOM) leader Jaeyun is garnering attention for his notable inclusivity during a recent live broadcast.

8TURN’s Jaeyun

The member, who is from New Zealand, held a live broadcast via YouTube recently. He interacted with fans for an hour.

A viewer commented, asking him if he loved his fanboys. First, he asked, “Do I have fanboys?” Then he replied, “Of course I love my fanboys.” Yet, he continued, saying he loves all his fans, including fangirls and non-binary fans, suggesting the new term “fan-thems.”

Do I have fanboys? Of course I love my fanboys. I love my fanboys, I love my fangirls, I love my fan… non-binaries. Fan-them. I love every fan sorts and types.

— Jaeyun

“i love my fanboys, i love my fangirls , i love my fannonbinarys” who else fucking crode JAEYUN LOVES ME JAEYUN LOVES MEEEEEE https://t.co/6N72NQ8H1r pic.twitter.com/g87em4I7xi

— 경민’s li toast ༉‧₊ (@1028_fm) April 6, 2024

Netizens praised Jaeyun for his inclusiveness of all fans. Even if idols share this feeling, most don’t explicitly acknowledge everyone as he did. Many non-binary fans commented as the clip went viral on TikTok, appreciating Jaeyun.


Te amo Jae #02 #Jaeyun #eight_turn #8turn #leader #foryoupage #ot8 #moonjaeyun #hyungline

♬ sonido original – Karla♪♪ (kyungmin’s gf)

In the same live broadcast, Jaeyun read a comment from a Palestinian fan. Netizens appreciated this as well, considering the ongoing war against Palestine. Few idols have spoken up about it, but Jaeyun, who recognized Palestine during this time, spoke volumes.

“love you from palestine” pic.twitter.com/o1LbWJYjBa

— 경민’s li toast ༉‧₊ (@1028_fm) April 6, 2024


hes so inclusive and accepting.. best leader #8TURN#JAEYUN#FORYOU#KPOP#CUTE#KPOPFYP#FYP

♬ original sound – 8TURN

These moments aren’t the only times Jaeyun has proven to be inclusive. Fans pointed out other instances, such as normalizing ADHD and using Korean sign language.

him learning korean sign language to communicate with turnings (8turns fandom name) pic.twitter.com/yoq3amgTK8

— k ❀*•ˊ𖧷 (@siyoonluvr) April 6, 2024

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