NCT’s Renjun Lashes Out At Sasaeng “Fan” With Savage Text Message

NCT’s Renjun Lashes Out At Sasaeng “Fan” With Savage Text Message

Earlier today, NCT’s Renjun addressed a confrontational message he received from a sasaeng “fan” by sharing their exchange on Bubble. The stalker fan had texted Renjun on his phone, and it’s not known how they could obtain his phone number.

The invasive message criticized idols for what the sender perceived as an “easy life,” accusing them of flaunting their wealth, engaging in relationships without repercussions, delivering subpar live performances, and lacking the intensity of past generations. Renjun’s retort was pointed and clear. He invited the sender to express their grievances directly, in person, but with a legal mediator present.

Sasaeng: “Idols have it way too easy these days, making money left and right, flaunting their looks, and dating freely. Their live performances are terrible; they’re thoughtless, lack the venom of the previous generation, and are just all too laid back. Just get rid of phones altogether.”

Renjun: “Instead of hiding like a rat and typing away, if you have something to say, talk face to face with a lawyer present. Contact this person if you have something you want to say.”

Conversation between Renjun and the sasaeng. | Bubble

Further elaborating on his stance on Bubble, Renjun provided a longer rebuttal to the accusations. He emphasized the human aspect of idols, mentioning the strenuous schedules they endure and the effort to maintain a polished image for their fans. Renjun pointed out that financial success is a byproduct of hard work and dedication, aspects that are not exclusive to the entertainment industry.

1. Idols are human too. They feel the strain! Have you ever lived through our packed schedules before making such judgments? Of course, what’s shown must be pretty and beautiful. That’s how we all gain energy from each other.

2. And if you pursue your dreams hard enough, money will eventually follow. Is there even a profession that doesn’t make money? Let’s live our lives properly. Don’t mess with people who don’t concern you, don’t waste your time and energy. If you have that time, learn how to calm your mind and cool down instead of taking out your frustrations on unrelated people.

— Renjun via Bubble

| Bubble

Since then, fans have rallied behind the NCT star and demanded action from SM Entertainment to protect Renjun and his privacy from such “fans.”

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