Military Enlistments So Far – April 2024


From K-pop stars to K-Drama icons and notable bands like NCT to NU’EST, the compulsory military service has come knocking this year. The mandatory service, in honor of their country, is a rite that every man in Korea is deemed to go through. Here are some of the Korean entertainment icons who have enlisted or have been scheduled to enlist in the military from January to mid-April 2024.


1. NCT’s Taeyong

Taeyong will be leading the iconic NCT boy band in military enlistments. Taeyong shared a handwritten heartfelt message on Weverse thanking the fans for their continued support and hopes of connecting again upon finishing his military duties. NCT band’s agency, SM Entertainment confirmed that Taeyong, the band’s leader, will be enlisting on 15th April 2024.


2. VIXX’s Hyuk

Hyuk, VIXX band’s maknae, is scheduled to finally enlist in the military. Hyuk will be the last member to enlist as others completed their mandatory military service months ago. VIXX group’s agency, Companion Company, confirmed that Hyuk will be enlisting on 18th April 2024.


3. VANNER’s Sungkook

VANNER band’s Sungkook will be undertaking his compulsory military service in early May. KLAP Entertainment, VANNER’s agency, confirmed that Sungkook will take a leave of absence to focus on his military duties as of 7th May 2024.


4. Kim Min Kyu

The iconic “Business Proposal” actor recently started his mandatory military service. Kim Min Kyu flaunted the famous military haircut on his social media platforms before officially enlisting on 1st April 2024. His agency, Companion Company, shared a heartwarming message last month showering the actor with praise and well wishes.


5. Song Kang

Song Kang is officially on his military service duty as an active-duty soldier. The “My Demon” and “Sweet Home” actor posted his freshly cut hair on Instagram with a handwritten message thanking his SONGPYEON fans for all the love and support. Song Kang enlisted on 2nd April 2024 as indicated by his agency, Namoo Actors, back in February this year.


6. Hwang Minhyun

NU’EST band member, “Alchemy of Souls’ actor and former Wanna One member Hwang Minhyun is among other K-Pop acts who have enlisted in the military as of April 2024. Just as indicated by his agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, Hwang enlisted into the military after releasing his “Lullaby” digital single. Hwang Minhyun officially enlisted on 21st March 2024.


7. Woo Jin Young

Former D1CE member Woo Jin Young is also almost finished with his first month of mandatory military service. The “Unbelievable” hitmaker and a popular face on Produce 101 Season 2 survival show enlisted on 4th March 2024. With overwhelming support from his agency, Happyface Entertainment, Woo Jin Young shared his new up-taking with fans on his Instagram page with a promise to come back stronger.



Former UNIQ and X1 member Woodz is another K-Pop star who started his military enlistment this year. Just as announced by his agency EDAM Entertainment, Woodz was scheduled to enlist for mandatory military duties after his World Tour ‘OO-LI’ finale set for 19th January 2024. Woodz enlisted on 22nd January 2024 graced by a private ceremony by his agency.


—-Makena Mwenda


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