Daniel G. Making Music With Purpose By Putting His Poetry In Motion!

Daniel G. Making Music With Purpose By Putting His Poetry In Motion!

Pretty much like every artist out there before him that are serious about the hard work they put into their artwork, Daniel just one day decided to take the way he expresses himself, mainly his pain, a step further. A level up if you will. Giving his all through all of his music, he chose “Hurt” as his first single to release most, if not all of the pain that hurt him for most of his life. 

     In March of 2019, not long before his debut poetry book was scheduled to go live, which he published himself through Amazon’s KDP, (https://www.amazon.com/Two-Sides-Every-Story-Garza/dp/109622092X/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=d.h.garza&qid=1603023035&sr=8-1) he had a realization that Rap is poetry in motion and another outlet for him. So he began writing ‘lyrics’. After having completed a few tracks, he felt they NEEDED to BE heard A-S-A-P, since he felt extreme amounts of emotions while jotting them down and parts of him dying away. He KNEW others could and would relate. He quickly sought out for someone who would want to share the excitement, boldness and rawness of his words. He hadn’t thought of rapping his own work. He had limited himself to thinking he couldn’t do it. 

      He then came across @kidkenzi on @Instagram. Daniel sent him a DM explaining how he had many tracks that NEEDED to BE given a voice. The young artist agreed to take a read of the lyrics. 

     Just as Daniel had intended, they made @kidkenzi feel all sorts of ways. But instead of agreeing to rap them, he suggested to Daniel that he record them himself because of the amount of emotion within them. He urged Daniel to NOT doubt himself and that with enough dedication and persistence; he could master the art of flow. And master it, he did. 

     Armed with an unmatchable drive to get it done, he dove deep into himself to pull out the will power needed to find his niche. His own unique way of rapping to tell HIS ‘story’. Starting with the first track he wrote, “Troublemaker No More”, (which he later in the year performed a cappella @RipTheMic https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yfNKLRXNCOMrYDxCbjxEDxB0azHtRsRl/view) he practiced diligently and came to find out he was actually better at it than he had ever imagined. And that is safe to say because he raps to no beat his 20+ tracks. Each one with its own authentic rhythm and flow.

   And so, along with the birth of his album -One Shot-, scheduled to be released by the end of this year, Daniel was also reborn. He fully expresses this through his rhymes without one shred of doubt of what they are capable of doing. And that’s having anyone and everyone knowing they can heal from any and all pain to continue thriving on a day-to-day basis. That life IS to BE fully lived. On Purpose! With Purpose!

On Instagram @danielg1official

Track List

Troublemaker No MoreMost [Un]LovedWack A$$ RhymesStuckThe SpotlightTheyStill GangsterNo BreaksOne ShotKneel And PrayMan In The MirrorScream And ShoutStillHurtThe ComposerLa GuerraWhat’s The PointKeep It RollingNo One Ode To Em n MeThe Only One  Sitting With Myself






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