Beloved Celebrity Couple Shares First Ever Picture Of Their Newborn Baby

Beloved Celebrity Couple Shares First Ever Picture Of Their Newborn Baby

The much-loved actors Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In, who tied the knot last year, have delighted fans by revealing the first images of their newborn baby girl.

On April 7, Lee Da In posted several charming wedding photos with her husband on social media to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The actress also added a touching caption about looking forward to their future together and how their wedding day was full of happiness and beautiful moments.

The wedding photos feature the gorgeous couple in their wedding attire — a stunning white dress for Lee Da In and a sleek tuxedo for Lee Seung Gi.

Soon after, Lee also posted an adorable photo of their newborn, revealing only their daughter’s feet, showing the world their family has grown by one.

The romance between the actors was publicized in May 2021, with both acknowledging their growing relationship after months of getting to know each other. In February 2023, Lee Seung Gi announced their engagement through a heartfelt letter, expressing their commitment to face life’s challenges together. The wedding followed in April 2023, and the couple welcomed their daughter in February.

Adding to their celebrated union, the couple generously donated a portion of their wedding gifts, totaling ₩110 million KRW (about $81,400 USD), to assist families in need, pregnant women, newborns, and wildfire victims in Gangneung. This act of kindness has further endeared them to the public, pointing at the couple’s compassion and commitment to giving back to the community even as they celebrate their personal milestones.

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