64-Year-Old Musician Takes A 21-Year-Old Fan As His Second Wife

64-Year-Old Musician Takes A 21-Year-Old Fan As His Second Wife

Malaysian musician Halim Yazid made waves after revealing his new wife to the world.

Halim Yazid | mStar 

In Malaysia, it is legal for Muslim men to have up to four wives. As such Halim Yazid is still married to his first wife, with whom he has eight children. During an interview with the Malaysian news portal mStar, he said his two wives had not yet met yet but were on good terms.

Halim Yazid and his first wife | mStar

Halim Yazid married his second wife on November 8, 2022, and the two now have an eight-month-old daughter. Nurul Farhana Asyikin, is 21 years old, making her 43 years her husband’s junior. She is also, he says, a fan of his music. Although the two began their relationship via social media, they already had an offline connection.

Halim Yazid (right) and his second wife (left), Nurul Farhana Asyikin | mStar

How we got acquainted is unique. Before we met on social media, [Farhana] used to babysit my cousin’s child. My second wife is from Kelantan and is a fan of mine. Although she’s young, she’s familiar with my songs.

— Halim Yazid

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