SixTONES’ Releases 12th single ‘NEIRO’

SixTONES get sweet and sentimental with their 12th single ‘NEIRO’, streaming now worldwide exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music!

The first release since the group’s incredibly successful fourth album THE VIBES, NEIRO is a reflective mid-tempo ballad about nostalgia and lifelong friendships; a message amplified by the beautifully cut music video sequence playing out the guys’ own trip down memory lane to long forgotten childhood adventures. 

The song also serves as the theme to drama “Omukae Shibuyakun,” starring SixTONES member Taiga Kyomoto and featuring Kaito Miyachika of Travis Japan.

A physical disc version of the single drops on May 1st wherever Japanese CDs are sold, featuring additional bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes video extras!

**Pre-order ‘NEIRO’ at CD Japan**

Catch up on SixTONES’ previous digital releases as well as the fun (and very funny) variety videos uploaded weekly to their official channel.

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